Nail polish

10 Tips For Amazing Nails

Nail polish

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Looking down at your fingers to see dirt, dried up cuticles, and rigid edges can make anyone feel out of place (especially if you’re heading out for a nice evening and your nails don’t match your dress!). But, don’t worry; you can have amazing nails without too much effort. Our beauty salon nail experts at Athena (your Fort Collins spa) will take your nails to a whole new level with the right polish and perfect shape, but there are a lot of things you can do in-between visits to make sure that your nails look healthy and perfect. Here are 10 tips for amazing looking nails straight from our experts!


the main reason that nails can look dry and brittle is a complete lack of moisture. Use a great hand lotion or coconut oil to moisturize your nails regularly. The best time to add moisture is directly after a shower, so give that a try daily.

2. Biotin pills:

this member of the Vitamin B family has been shown to increase the strength and length of nails. You should take a vitamin daily, and adding one with biotin to the mix will certainly help the appearance of your nails.

3. Skip the acetone:

acetone-based nail polish remover can really strip away all the moisture from your nails, and this can cause nails to chip and split.

4. Wear gloves when cleaning:

sure, those harsh chemicals work wonders when it comes to bathroom fungus or other dirt and debris, but chemicals used for cleaning should come in contact with your hands. Wear cleaning gloves when tidying up the house to save your nails from certain damaged fate.

5. Limit the acrylic:

acrylic nails look great, but the chemicals used during this type of manicure will cause your nails to be dry and damaged. Ask your beauty salon manicurist for a natural manicure, or one that won’t damage your nails.

6. Make sure your salon uses good ingredients:

some salons use the harshest chemicals available, and this isn’t the best way to go. At Athena, we only use the best ingredients, so that your nails shine.

7. Remember your inner health:

what you put into your body on the inside reflects the state of your body on the outside. Eat well, sleep, exercise, and don’t do anything that can damage your body from the inside – that damage will also show on the outside.

8. Pay attention to your nails:

this one might sound kind of silly, but it’s really the simplest thing that you can do to help your nails. Nightly, pay attention to the way that your nails look. Are they yellowing? Do they look dry? Are they rough around the edges or need some other form of attention? Try and remember to moisturize regularly, and eat well to keep your nails looking great.

9. Book a regular manicure at your favorite Fort Collins spa:

if you don’t have the time to keep your nails looking fabulous, book a regular manicure at our salon to strive for improved nail health. Our experts will tell you what you can do to make sure that your nails look great all the time, and we can offer you all the latest colors and trends in polish too.

10. Top coat:

to keep your manicure looking amazing, use top coat every two to three weeks between salon visits.

Booking Your First Appointment

What can you expect if you’ve never had a manicure appointment before? Our experts will make sure that your first appointment is explained from start to finish. You can expect a nice
and luxurious soak in a bath of hot water for your nails, some excellent moisturizer, a nice hand massage, and lovely polish to finish it all off. Your nails will look amazing after your manicure, and if you follow the tips above, your nails will keep looking great well after that first salon visit. Call us today to book your manicure appointment at Athena, your Fort Collins spa, today.

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