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10 Ways to Look Younger With Makeup

Aurora CuaCua

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You don’t need plastic surgery to start looking younger today. What you need are a few excellent makeup tips. The way that you apply your makeup can make you look ten times older or ten times younger – it’s all about practice, knowing what makes your face look older, and paying attention to the most important thing of all about your face: skincare.

If you don’t have a great skincare routine in place, no amount of makeup is going to make your skin look younger. Skin has to be washed regularly, toned, and hydrated (and few drops of some line-reducing acids and Vitamin C serums don’t hurt either). The foundation for any kind of makeup is always well-hydrated and well-cleaned skin – so start there. Once you have your skin sans makeup looking perfect (or near perfect), you can start playing around with the following tips from your favorite Fort Collins spa.

1. Learn how to contour: learning how to contour your face with a makeup brush and some highlighter will do wonders. To look younger, highlighter (not shimmering powder, but a liquid highlighter) should be placed above the top arch of your brow, along the rims of your cheekbones, and down the brim of your nose – blend, blend, and blend until you can’t see any trace of that highlighter, but your face will look instantly slimmer and younger. You can also contour using blush for cheek definition.

2. Ditch the matte powder: younger skin looks healthy and glowing, and there’s nothing that glows when you cover your face in powder. Plus, powder can settle into those fine lines, and that will just make you look older.

3. Play with both brown and black mascara: sometimes, black mascara can make older eyes appear heavy and worn. If you haven’t tried brown before, you may want to see what a difference that color can make.

4. Leave some skin exposed. Don’t cover your entire face with makeup. Leave some skin exposed, so that people can see your natural glow. Covering your face with makeup will also make you look years older.

5. Go with a colored gloss. Dark colored lipstick doesn’t work well on aging skin. Instead, pick a natural glass that has a hint of red or pink to it.

6. Skip shimmer powders and eye shadows. When you’re young, an eye shadow that shimmers can be a lot of fun, but shimmer shadow will fall into under eye and above eye creases, and this will make you look – you guessed it – older.

7. Don’t use liquid liner. Pencil liner is more forgiving than liquid liner. Smudge the corners of your pencil liner, so that you create a wider eye.

8. Relax with the colors. You may have worn blue eye shadow when you were younger, but bolder colors on the eyelids just don’t look good on older skin. Plus, you don’t want a blue streak settling into your eye lines, right?

9. Try a small wing. To combat the look of a dropping eye, create a small wing on the outside corner of your eye. This wing will give your eye that open look.

10. Curl your lashes. Lashes become more sparse and straighter as we age, so using an eyelash curler will make a huge difference. Tip: heat the curler with a blow dryer for two seconds prior to curling your lashes for a really dramatic look.

Keeping Your Face Fresh

When you don’t need to wear makeup (like to the gym or at home), don’t. Let your face have a break by not covering it up with makeup regularly. Instead, work on moisturizing your skin and using the right products to keep your skin free of blemishes, lines, and other problems.

At Athena (a Fort Collins spa), we offer numerous facials and other procedures at our Fort Collins day spa that will help your skin look refreshed and new again. Come into our Fort Collins spa to book your age-defying facial, and we’ll be more than happy to get your skin in the shape it should be in. Call us to book your Fort Collins day spa appointment!

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