auburn hair color

2014 Spring Hair Color Trends

auburn hair color

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It’s fun to change your hair color once in a while, right? Well, this spring you can expect some major hair color changes! If you’re the type that likes to be in line with the latest trends, here’s what you can look forward to (all available at Athena, your Fort Collins spa, of course!).

  • A Higher Shade of Ombre: Last season, we saw all kinds of ombre hair, but most of the lighter color started towards the bottom of strands. This season, ombre moves up a few notches closer to the roots.
  • Balayage: This trend is kind of like ombre, but it’s much more personalized. With balayage, your colorist will hand-highlight sections of your hair, so that the highlights are a lot more natural looking that’s with the ombre trend.
  • Platinum Blonde: This one is for the bold, but platinum blonde can really change the way that you look! If you have darker hair, you may want to consider a more gradual change like the balayage technique before you go full platinum. If you have natural blonde hair, platinum might be a fun summer look.
  • Bold Color Blocking: Dare to be a redhead? How about a strong burst of black? This spring and summer season, it’s all about the bold and powerful look. If you’re dying to be a bit bolder, this look is for you.

What spring and summer Shades Are About

With the sunshine comes the lighter shades, and that means playtime for you! This spring and summer, go a bit lighter on the ends or all around. The new ombre and balayage techniques will add some sunshine highlights to your hair (even if you’ve been in cold darkness all winter!), and will help kickstart that youthful look too. All you need now is the tan to go along with it.

If you come into Athena today, you can get a tanned look too with one of our spray tan options. Why not get both your hair and your tan done just in time for the warmer weather? Either way, this spring and summer season is all about going lighter, showing your fun side, and getting a blast of blonde mixed in with that darker base. If you do want to try something bolder, though, the blocked color or platinum trend might be what you’re looking for.

Going for the balayage look? Let us give you some tips on picking the right stylist first – this look requires some skill!

How to Find a Balayge Colorist

1. Pick a seasoned pro. If you start talking about this technique, and you’re met with a blank stare, it might be time to find a new colorist!

2. Go for a consultation. New to a salon? Ask for a colorist consultation. This way, you can find out what the colorist you’re considering can do, what techniques are available, and what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

3. Ask about pricing. Balayage requires a freehand approach, and that means a lot more work for your colorist! Find out the cost of balayage prior to booking an appointment, since this will undoubtedly cost more than your regular foil highlights.

4. Go for it! Don’t be afraid of change! When it’s time for a new season to begin, there’s no better way to welcome in the warmer temperatures than with a new hair color. Plus, living in Colorado means spending most of your days outside, and that requires some highlighted hair.

5. Feel confidant. The most important thing when it comes to your hair is trusting your colorist. Building a relationship with a great colorist will mean getting what you want every time.

We’re crazy about the new balayage, ombre, and bold color techniques happening this season. If you need a change, make sure to come in for a consultation. Or, make an appointment with your usual stylist to see what you can do to welcome in the warmer weather. At Athena Salon, Spa, and Wellness, we have all the latest hair trends ready and waiting for you. We also offer a full line of spa and salon services. Call today to book!

Which new hair trend do you like the most? Let us know!

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