2014 Trends and Predictions


We all had our eyes on the Golden Globes recently, watching to see what fashions and trends would be big this year. But sometimes, what the stars wear simply isn’t practical or appropriate for our everyday lives. Smoldering eyes with a dramatic cat’s eye like Julianna Marguiles? Yes please, but not at work!


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So what are trendy women on the streets taking as their beauty style inspirations in 2014? Here, we look at some of the year’s must-haves, along with some predictions for the future.

Stellar brows

Sure, we know women have been taking care of their eyebrows for centuries, but this year proves there will be no exception. Pencil-thin brows are out (hooray), and slightly thicker, natural ones are in. When done right, natural brows can be very flattering. But “natural” doesn’t mean “forgotten.” Women still shape and trim, creating the best shape for their faces and makeup choices.

If you do not love your brows, now is the time to change that. Brows will not go unnoticed this year, and yours should be stellar, no matter what shape or style you like. Visit your local Windsor salon with any questions, or to have a stylist shape your brows perfectly. Even getting the right shape will help tremendously; you can maintain the shape at home and go back every few months for a touch-up.

Rainbow hair

Not just for kids anymore, rainbow hair has been popping up on the heads of adults everywhere. Alexa Chung and Fearne Cotton have led the way, and we all love to follow. You can get the same look with a permanent dye job or hair chalks, which let you play with color without committing.

Chalks are a great choice if you’re worried how the color may look. Simply swipe them in and play with hair styles. Often, the style of the hair will make or break the color. A sophisticated style will keep the look grown up, while a messy style is perfect for having fun and hanging out. And if you’re really nervous about the possibilities, try the chalks on the weekends to make sure it’s something you can pull off at the office.

Hair bars


CC Image courtesy of artisrams on Flickr

We have New York City to thank for this trend. These bars are a quick and easy solution to a bad hair day. Recently, the number of blow-dry bookings has nearly doubled, and salons are looking for a way to fit in all the appointments. Hair bars (or your favorite Windsor salon) are perfect for a simple up-do, a blow-out, or even a quick color job. The next day you wake up with bad bed-head or just need some hair TLC, a blow-out will fix the problem perfectly.

Organic and natural products (we love this!)

Organic and natural products have been hitting the drugstore shelves for a couple years now, but it can be difficult to find the same options in salon products. Here at our Windsor salon, we’re thrilled to offer organic and natural options for all the beauty items you love. Just think Jane Iredale makeup and Farm House Fresh for body scrubs and lotions. We take this concept further with natural hair dyes and nail polish colors. This way, you can enjoy natural and organic products without sacrificing quality.

Non-surgical facial treatments

For this tidbit, we looked to  HYPERLINK “” Wahanda, the world’s foremost health and beauty bookings website. They predict that the “frozen face” is on its way out. Instead of trying to look ten years younger, men and women will want to look ten years fresher. This ties in with the renewed emphasis on organic and natural methods. Non-invasive treatments, such as laser resurfacing of the skin and facial peels, are the new thing.

Teeth whitening

This is always a good idea. We’ve been obsessed with teeth whitening products for several years now: everything from strips to pens to expensive dental visits. If it isn’t whitening, then we like the shade of our teeth and are simply brightening. This trend looks like it’s set to soar during 2014.

Men’s grooming

Haute designer Tom Ford started this trend back in 2013 when he launched his line of makeup for men. That concept is definitely catching on, along with renewed male interest in massages and manicures. In fact, men have begun booking these appointments 31% more often in the last year than every before. Wahanda predicts that the male grooming sector may even rival the female soon.

Nutrition and health

Beauty and well-being are beginning to merge, as people conscientiously tend to both portions of their lives. Juicing and extreme fitness classes are par for the course now, rather than something indulged in by a minority. Throw in some yoga and organic makeup (regardless of your gender), and that’s a match made in heaven. We are excited to see everything that 2014 has in store!

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