2016 hair trends

2016 Hair Trends

2016 hair trends

Fort Collins he New Year is here! Does that mean it’s time for a new do? We vote yes! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite 2016 trends.

The New Bob: Gatsby Inspired

Bobs aren’t going anywhere in 2016, and while we have seen lots of takes on them over the last few years, this year it’s going to be the vintage throwback in demand. With your locks falling at cheekbone length, this look with be very versatile. We’ll see it worn with loose waves, tight curls, sleek straight, or lightly tousled. Giving you the wearer the option to keep it super modern or very 1920s.

Bangs: Making a Statement

Bold, blunt, and statement making bangs will be everywhere in 2016. And ladies with curly hair, you don’t have to fret about missing this look. Fringed and textured bangs are going to be the rage, so put down your hot iron and rock your natural curls. Have ultra-straight hair, perfect! The blunt lines and symmetry, will be a huge hit.

Length: Go Long or Go Bald

This year it’s going to be about the extremes, extra-long textured or sleek hair or having it all off. Of course we are going to see everything in-between, but 2016 is the year of bold and that means going for those extensions you’ve always wanted, committing to that bob you’ve be lusting after, or jumping all the way in and shaving it all off. Be you!

Color: Back to Basics

While haircuts, and style are going to be bold, color is going to see a return to more natural hues. Pastels will be here to stay, especially with the cool tones from Pantone, but with a more natural twist, than their mermaid counterparts of 2015. Many stylist are declaring blue the new lilac. Dimension is going to be the theme in color, gone are the days of one-tone dyes.

Here to Stay: Bronde, Balayage, and Babylights

Some of the biggest trends in 2016, will be rollovers from 2016. And why should the go anywhere? We love these looks, they last well and can be used for any sense of style. From subtle natural hues, to bold and bright colors.

Overall Theme: You

The biggest trend in 2016 is going to be doing you. That look you’ve been craving, this is the year to do it. That color you’ve been dreaming about, this is the year to do it. That cut you’ve fancied, this is the year to do it. Are you catching our drift here? There is not better time to get the look you want. Athena’s expert Fort Collins stylist can assist you in making your hair fantasies a reality. From taking that extreme looking and making it office appropriate to bring new life to a tried and true look. Call today to schedule an appointment.


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