3 Reasons To Book Your First Ashiatsu Massage in Windsor

3 Reasons To Book Your First Ashiatsu Massage in Windsor

3 Reasons To Book Your First Ashiatsu Massage in Windsor

If you’ve never experienced the blissful deep tissue work of Ashiatsu, then you’re in for a treat, because now it’s in Windsor! You may have some idea about more mainstream massage styles, like hot stone, myofascial release, and general stress relief massage, but Ashiatsu is a special form of massage that originated with Buddhist monks on the other side of the globe. Your therapist will use their bare feet to work out the kinks deep in your muscles, while holding on to a system of bars and other supports to maintain the ideal amount of pressure.

This is a truly incredible style of massage, and isn’t offered in every spa in town. Here are three reasons why you should book your first Ashiatsu massage in Windsor, right here at Athena!

  1. It’s local

For most specialty spa and salon treatments, you’d have to drive all the way down to Denver to find the right company and the professionals trained in what you want. But with Ashiatsu, you have the ideal place right down the road. And we know, the last thing you want before or after a massage, is to be stuck in horrible traffic on the highway.

  1. It’s unlike any other massage style

There’s nothing that can compare to the unique pressure and sensation that comes from an Ashiatsu massage. This technique requires extra training for your therapist, as it demands precise balance and clear communication, and its benefits go deep. Ashiatsu can give you a powerfully grounding and relaxing experience, with long, deep strokes that feel like heaven.

  1. It’s perfect when you need more than most massages can offer

If you suffer from extremely tight muscles, or can never seem to find a therapist that can apply enough pressure during your sessions, then booking an Ashiatsu massage in Windsor may be just the thing for you. Because they are using their body weight, these practitioners can offer very deep massage that is great for detoxing, unwinding knots, and deep muscle repair.

Know someone who should try Ashiatsu massage? Ask us about our gift certificates, which come in a variety of amounts, and can be used on any of our salon or spa services!

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