Nathan Rupert

35 Minute Fat-Blasting Workout from Athena Salon, Spa & Wellness

Nathan Rupert

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Are you tired of the same old workout? Is it no longer working for you? Try adding intervals to really rev up your workout and your metabolism! The sequence of lighter activity with bursts faster more intense movement can double the amount of calories you burn and therefore boost fat loss by as much as 6 times. I suggest you do a 4minute sequence looking like this: Intense 1 minute, recover 1 minute, brisk 2 minutes. Then repeat. You can do this with biking, walking, running, swimming or on your favorite gym machine. Below is the workout I do 3 times a week alternating different activities like the ones just mentioned. This is a 35 minute workout. But, do it your way. Make it longer or shorter as you see fit. Play with the interval that feels comfortable to you. Change it up from time to time and do 1 minute intense and 1 minute recover, repeating that. The idea is to keep the body from getting accustomed to the workout you are giving it. When we do the same thing over and over our body finds ways to become more efficient and use less energy (therefore burn fewer calories). This is just a start. Make your activity fun and you will want to keep doing it!

Warm up 3 minutes at a slow, light pace. It would be easy to carry on a conversation at this pace. This will be the pace of your recovery minute.


  1. Pick it up to brisk for 2 minutes, you can carry on a conversation but would rather not. (minutes 4&5)
  2. Go as intense as you can for 1 minute. It should be hard to talk without stopping after a few words. (minute 6)
  3. Recover for 1 minute (minute 7)
  4. Brisk 2 minutes (minutes 8 & 9)
  5. Intense 1 minute (minute 10)
  6. Recover for 1 minute (minute 11)
  7. Brisk 2 minutes (minutes 12 & 13)
  8. Intense 1 minute (minute 14)
  9. Recover for 1 minute (minute 15)
  10. Brisk 2 minutes (minutes 16 & 17)
  11. Intense 1 minute (minute 18)
  12. Recover for 1 minute (minute 19)
  13. Brisk 2 minutes (minutes 20 & 21)
  14. Intense 1 minute (minute 22)
  15. Recover for 1 minute (minute 23)
  16. Brisk 2 minutes (minutes 24 & 25)
  17. Intense 1 minute (minute 26)
  18. Recover for 1 minute (minute 27)
  19. Brisk 2 minutes (minutes 28 & 29)
  20. Intense 1 minute (minute 30)
  21. Cool Down 4 minutes (minutes 31-35)
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