Girl with long hair on bench.

4 Amazing Hair Thickening Supplements

Girl with long hair on bench.

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The one thing that is talked about most often at beauty salons is hair, which makes sense given the fact that hair is front and center any any salon! But what most women want to know is how to make hair thicker. If you’re dying to get that “I just walked off of the Victoria’s Secret Angel set” look, there are some supplements out there that have gotten very good ratings.

Here are some very clever insider secrets that will go a long way towards making your mane glorious and elevate it to Angel status (if that’s what you are looking for!).

First: A Blood Test

So, the last thing you’re probably thinking about when it comes to hair is blood, right? But, the fact of the matter is that you have to figure out what you might be lacking in the blood department — your blood can tell you a lot about your hair. Some things to have your doctor check for include iron levels, your thyroid, and whether or not you are getting the vitamins that you need. Once that’s done, you can add the supplements you need (or medication in the case of a thyroid problem) to the mix.

Blood Testing Aside

As promised, here are some of the best supplements out there that might help when it comes to getting the thick mane you’ve always dreamed about. (But even if you aren’t getting a blood test, we recommend you always talk to your doctor about starting a supplement regime!)

  • Viviscal: this is the wonder supplement that everyone is talking about, and many claim that it really works. What’s in Viviscal? The supplement is drug-free, but is made up of a marine complex called AminoMar C. So, basically it has a lot of fish-derived vitamins and minerals that all mix together perfectly to result in a supplement that will make your hair thicker.
  • Biotin: biotin works if you have a B7 vitamin deficiency problem. Taking this vitamin will help straighten those B7 levels out, and that results in thicker hair for many people. Make sure to read package dosage information.
  • Pre-natal vitamins: wait, aren’t pre-natals for pregnant women? Yes, but some celebrities (including Gwyneth Paltrow) insist that these vitamins make hair grow longer and lusher – worth a shot!
  • Kerastase nutrients: Kerastase has long been lauded by beauty salons as one of the top products that you can use to help your tresses, and we love Kerastase too! Ask us about a Kerastase treatment for your hair.

What You Are Is What You Eat

Stock up on avocado, coconut oils, and healthy fats if you want to see your hair grow faster and thicker – many beauty salons adhere to the old rule that you have to eat well in order to have amazing hair, and we believe this to be true too! Plus, you have to drink a lot of water every day (at least one liter) in order to give your body the H2O that it needs to thrive.

Seasonal Changes

You should also note that hair simply doesn’t grow as fast during the winter months (blame all of that cold weather and lack of sunshine!), so don’t fret if your hair is thinner now than it was back in July. But you can also tell whether or not you have a hair issue by visiting a dermatologist, or simply asking your hair expert at your Windsor hair salon if they have noticed a difference. You’ll know right away if you need to jump on the supplement train!

Booking at Your Windsor Hair Salon

At your Windsor hair salon, we will make sure that your hair is treated properly! From using the best organic products to hiring the best stylists, hair is what we do best. If supplements aren’t your thing, you can still get that gorgeous look by visiting us! Call today to book your appointment, and see what a difference a great hair salon makes.

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