Black and white picture of a salon.

4 Tips for Salon Etiquette

Black and white picture of a salon.

Salon CC Photo Courtesy of Ronn aka "Blue" Aldaman

For some people, going to their Fort Collins hair salon is a fairly routine experience, one that they’ve come to expect every few weeks or months. Time for the pedicure, then time for the hair cut and color. But are we using the best salon etiquette every time we show up? What is the proper etiquette for getting a haircut? Here are some tips to make your next appointment go smoothly.

Show up on time. The best salon will schedule its clients so that you know you’re getting the maximum amount of time for your haircut. For this reason, punctuality is huge. Stylists often have busy schedules just like you, and may not have much room in the day. Treat your salon appointment just as you would any work appointment, and show up on time. If you are running late because of traffic or other considerations, call the salon to let them know.

Sit still with both feet on the floor. Crossing the legs is comfortable for many women, but it will result in a lopsided haircut. And you must sit still to avoid any mishaps. Even the most careful cosmetologist at the best salon will struggle if you’re fidgeting or reaching for your phone. If you must move, simply warn her first.

Have some idea of what you want and don’t be afraid to say it. Communication with your cosmetologist is key, so let her know what you’re thinking. Use a measure you can both see, like her comb, so that your “two inches off the bottom” matches hers. And keep in mind: that celebrity’s haircut is a good place to start, but unless you have an arsenal of professional hairdressers to work their magic every time you step out the door, it might not look exactly the same. Hair type, care, and preparation all play a role in how a haircut will look.

Prepare your hair. A stylist will want to see how your hair behaves naturally so that she can cut it best. Straightening curly hair, wearing a hat, or having dirty hair will never help her. Instead, wear your hair naturally and without a hat so that she has the best look at your hair. Once you’re prepared, the stylists at your Fort Collins hair salon can give you an excellent haircut.

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