Lobster made out of tomatoes.

5 Great Foods for Your Skin – Part 1

Lobster made out of tomatoes.

Lobster CC Photo Courtesy of Sakurako Kitsa

The search for the perfect skin care product is a never-ending chase, one which many people pursue their whole lives. You might think you’ll find it after a facial or in the bottom of a bottle of $200 serum. Of course, these can be very helpful. But all the products you can think of won’t be enough if you aren’t eating and drinking the best things. Interestingly, these are many of the same things that help to control weight, lift your spirits, and live longer. Read on for some of the most face-friendly foods, recommended by the stylists at your favorite Windsor salon.

Seafood is the main staple of the “Mediterranean diet,” but why is it so good for you? Seafood, especially oysters and salmon, contain zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. Zinc is an acne-fighting agent since it metabolizes testosterone and lowers the production of sebum, a primary cause of acne. Zinc also sloughs off dead skin cells and creates new ones, giving your skin a healthy glow.

Omega-3, for its part, reduces dryness and inflammation. This is good news both for those who suffer from acne and for those worried about aging quickly. Inflammation will cause the skin to age more quickly, breaking down the healthy skin cells, especially around the mouth and eyes. Besides reducing the redness, omega-3 will also improve blood circulation, which is good for skin. If you suffer from poor circulation, consider regular facials to stimulate blood flow throughout the face and scalp.

Citrus fruits are the best way to get Vitamin C, which helps to produce collagen. Look for any collagen-boosting face cream and this vitamin will most likely be a key ingredient. Collagen begins to break down significantly around age 35, making the skin sag. Vitamin C will fight the breakdown, along with reducing inflammation. Its antioxidant properties will also neutralize the effect of free radicals (highly reactive molecules found in the air because of pollution and other harmful substances). Your Windsor salon stylists will also know where free radicals are and how to avoid them as much as possible.

Not sure what to eat other than bags full of oranges? Look to grapefruits, Acerola cherries, and tomatoes instead. A single Acerola cherry, actually, has a full day’s serving of Vitamin C. And if you get tired of those fruits, pick up some bell peppers, sprouts, and hot peppers to give you the same benefits.

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