5 Perks To Having A Professional Barber

5 Perks To Having A Professional Barber

5 Perks To Having A Professional Barber

The last few years have seen a renaissance in the haircare and barber arts industry, and more and more men are searching for a professional barber to call their own. Beards, mustaches, and stylish haircuts are trending heavily right now, and men are starting to invest more in their appearance and self-care routine. And while the traditional barbershop of old isn’t as popular anymore, there are still well trained and passionate boutique barbers in all over the Front Range area!

If you, and/or the special man in your life, have been looking for a barber in your area, here are five awesome reasons why it’s a great idea!

  1.  They know the styles

Most hair stylists know a few men’s haircuts, but barbers know them all. Working with shorter hair, facial hair, and tighter details requires more specialized training, so go to someone who is a pro at the look you’re going for.

  1. They offer add-ons

Men deserve some pampering too, and a barber can provide just that. A relaxing hot towel, a moisturizing lather, and an ultra-close shave are just three things you can look forward to.

  1. They’re affordable

Since barbers specialize in men’s grooming, they are often less expensive than a traditional salon. Especially when you book all your services together, you can save a bundle on haircuts, shaves, and trims.

  1. They’re local

That’s right- you don’t need to drive all the way to Denver for a professional barber! You can get clean, dapper, and stylish right here in Northern Colorado, making it easy to invest in yourself, or when you need a quick touch up.

  1. They save you time and energy

Let’s face it, many guys don’t want to make the effort to learn the perfect technique for trimming their beards or keeping the sides of their hair tight. Having a barber on hand can save you lots of time, shaving nicks, and money spent on grooming equipment.

Barbers are becoming all the rage, so there’s never been a better time to find one that you connect with, to keep you looking fresh. And if you want to treat a special guy to a wonderful barber experience (he’ll be hooked!), ask us about our gift certificates, which can be applied to any of our barber or salon services!

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