5 Reasons Why A Spray Tan is Better Than The Sun

5 Reasons Why A Spray Tan is Better Than The Sun

5 Reasons Why A Spray Tan is Better Than The Sun

The weather is warm and the sun is out, which means that summer fashion is officially in swing. If you have lots of chic outfits that you’re dying to show off, you are probably thinking about working on your tan. You’ve visited the salon to get your hair styled, and you’ve booked your pedicure, but what about your skincare? It might be tempting to block off an hour or two to lay out in the sun, to get that golden glow, but what if there was a better way?

Most people know about the dangers of too much sun exposure, but still feel more attractive and confident when their skin looks sun-kissed. Luckily, the advancements in the spray tan industry just keep coming, and now you can enjoy a beautiful deep color without the risk or inconvenience of old-school sun tanning. Here are five reasons why you should get a salon spray tan this season, instead of laying out!

  1. Instant results

For busy people, or those with a big event coming up, there simply isn’t enough time to gradually build a tan the old-fashioned way. It takes many hours of sun exposure to get a deep golden hue, but with spray tanning, you can get that same effect in mere minutes!

  1. Less risk

Skin cancer is no laughing matter, with thousands of people in Colorado diagnosed each year. Skip the dangers of UV exposure, and hop into the salon for a spray tan instead. This is especially important for people with a history of melanoma, mole removals, and other abnormal dermatological exams.

  1. More privacy

Many of us want to look good naked, or at least in a bikini, and in order to avoid the unsightly tan lines, it would require quite a bit of exposure for outdoor sun tanning. If you don’t want to bare it all where someone might see you, opt instead for the privacy of a salon booth!

  1. Even glow

It can be downright impossible to get a perfectly even tan outdoors under the sun- there is lots of clothing adjustments and angles to worry about. But with a sunless spray tan, you can get every inch of your body perfectly and evenly colored, no lines or shadows to make you self-conscious!

  1. All season

There are only a few months out of the year in Colorado where you can lay outside to work on your tan, but with spray tanning, you can stay gorgeously glowing all year round. This is perfect for people who travel, work in the entertainment business, or simply prefer a darker skin color, even when it’s raining or snowing outside.

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