5 Top Tips For The Pre-Wedding Fortnight

As your wedding approaches and many important details are falling into place, you can begin focusing your attention on the days just before the big event. Hairstyle, makeup, nails and skincare are necessary factors to be considered, and these are details that must be managed as close to the ceremony as possible.

Preplanning Lowers the Overall Stress Level

In order to create a stress-free ceremony, you should preplan appointments for things like waxing, facials, nails and skincare. Talk to several salons and carefully choose professionals who can do your hair and makeup just right. Begin looking for spa specials and preparing to schedule for your manicure and pedicure appointments. You’ll also want to modify your health routine to encourage healthy skin. Here are some specific considerations for the two-week period prior to the wedding:1. Schedule appointments at the day spa for waxing, facials and tanning about two weeks in advance. This two-week time period will give your body and skin a chance to reap the benefits of these procedures, while recovering from any mishaps. If any adverse effects should occur, such as blotching, breakouts or blemishes, two weeks is ample time for healing these problem results.

2. Take advantage of any spa specials to schedule a full-body massage about one week prior to the wedding. This will be a nice treat, especially for you, to help relax amidst the wedding jitters.Bride
3. Inquire with your favorite day spa about package specials which include a manicure and pedicure the day before the big event.
4. Minimize your intake of alcohol and replace it with ample water. Also cut back on junk foods and eat lots of healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables instead. This will assist your healthy, happy glow.
5. Speak with your dentist about a teeth cleaning and whitening, if necessary. Try to schedule this appointment at least two weeks prior to the event.

The Big Day Has Arrived

You’ve successfully avoided any tanning mishaps, retained the perfect, unchipped pedicure polish and profusely thanked your day spa for happily showering you with all those amazing spa specials. The only worries left are keeping the dress clean, making sure the groom and his best man arrive on time and relinquishing control over your hair and makeup! Since you’ve selected the best hair and makeup artists and talked over exactly what you expect, you should be able to relax and keep calm while they work their magic. Emerge a beautiful bride, ready to lovingly give your hand and heart in marriage.
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