5 Ways To Treat Yourself Without Leaving Northern Colorado

5 Ways To Treat Yourself Without Leaving Northern Colorado

5 Ways To Treat Yourself Without Leaving Northern Colorado

We all love to be pampered. We love to escape from the stress of everyday life now and then, and treat ourselves to something that makes us feel good. We love to splurge on a manicure or a hot stone massage, because we feel rejuvenated and relaxed afterwards. But these days, both time and money is tight for a lot of people, so it’s harder to make these things a priority. Luckily, when you can find a salon that is close by and that you really love, you can save both time and money, while treating yourself like the king or queen that you are!

You don’t need to travel all the way down into Denver to find a boutique spa that is both professional and affordable. In fact, you may find that spas and salons in the Fort Collins area are even better, because they really treat you like family. You can enjoy all the luxury and regular pampering you want, right here in Northern Colorado. Here are just a few things you can look forward to at your local salon!

  1. Massage

Everyone knows a massage can make you feel amazing, and is wonderful for your health too! Whether you like a classic tension-relieving massage, or something more specialized, like a hot stone massage, it’s worth the investment to book one at a spa near you. Even if you are currently expecting, you can enjoy a wonderfully soothing pre-natal massage!

  1. Facial

Comprehensive skin care goes far beyond the basic washing and moisturizing. Facials are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways that you can keep your skin looking refreshed and healthy, whether you want to focus on aging and wrinkles, blemish-prone skin, or just reclaiming that bright glow!

  1. Hair removal

Something simple and inexpensive can still make you feel like a million bucks. Professional hair removal can be amazing, especially when you work with a great aesthetician at your local Fort Collins salon. You can be in and out quickly, have lasting results, and feel better about yourself without breaking the bank. Keep your eyebrows and bikini line in shape this season!

  1. Mani/Pedi

A classic choice for pampering is the manicure or pedicure, giving you both a bit of quiet time and beautiful results to show for it! Allow your favorite salon professional to exfoliate, moisturize, clean up, and polish your fingers and toes, no special occasion needed. Change your nail color as often as you’d like, while relieving stress and having an excuse to bond with your girlfriends!

  1. Spray tan

You want that sexy summer glow, but you don’t want the risks of traditional tanning beds, so high-quality spray tanning is the way to go! Get that deep sunless tan that makes your smile brighter and makes your clothes look even better, all while using natural, paraben-free products. Hello, bikini season!

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