Things You Can Do At the Spa During Pregnancy

Things You Can Do At the Spa During Pregnancy

Things You Can Do At the Spa During Pregnancy

Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy, and nothing sounds better than a relaxing day at the spa. But if you read through pregnancy books and websites, you’ll see that you can’t do many of the things that you once might have enjoyed at the spa (like soaking in a hot tub). Is there anything that you can still do at the spa to unwind and relax? Here are some tips on how you can still enjoy the spa when you are carrying a child inside of you.

Massage: if you aren’t feeling your back or hips ache yet, you will as your pregnancy progresses. One of the best ways to get rid of some of that bodily tension is with a massage. Ideally, you’ll want to book a pregnancy massage with a massage therapist that is experienced in giving these types of massages, but any massage therapist can focus on specific areas like your hips and your back.

Facial: some women do experience that “glow” that you may have read about before, but not all women get that magical look. If your skin looks tired and patchy instead of glowy and ethereal, a facial can really help. The one thing to watch out for are products that are overly harsh – and do not use any kind of Retinol while you are pregnant. Your skin might be more sensitive now that you are pregnant, so ask the person giving you a facial to use products that are gentler.

Mani/Pedis: if you can’t soak in a hot tub, you can at least get a manicure and pedicure, right? Absolutely! Just keep that habit down to once in a while instead of daily to avoid the harsh chemicals and fumes that can come with nail polish and nail polish remover. Or, you can ask for a natural pedicure or manicure — all of the cuticle polish and foot massage without any of the harsh chemicals.

What to Watch Out For

There are some things that you can’t do for those nine (or ten) months. Here are some of the things that you should try and completely avoid.

Tanning Beds: artificial tanning beds are not a good idea at any time because they have been linked to premature aging and skin damage. But if you are a tanning bed addict, you’ll have to lay off of this treatment while you’re pregnant. It’s not a good idea to overheat while you are pregnant (this means that you will overheat your baby too!), and it’s really not a good idea to let a number of artificial rays soak into your belly while at a tanning salon. You can sit outside in the summer sun with a sunhat if you want to get a bit of sun, but it’s best to avoid tanning as much as you can for now.

Anything Hot: steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, and anything else that’s hot is best avoided during pregnancy. Once your baby has been born, you can indulge in these hot treats, but skip them for now. Heat isn’t great for your babe, and it’s just a matter of a few months until you are back to your old capable self again.
Booking a Spa Treatment at Athena

We have more than a bit of experience with pregnant women and with mothers to be, and we will gladly treat you to the pampering that you deserve while you are pregnant. Whether you want a gentle pregnancy massage or a facial that doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals, we are here to help you feel great in your beautiful pregnant body! Call us today to ask about possible treatments, and to find out what you can and can’t do at our salon.

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