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6 Beauty Habits You Should Break

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We all have those beauty habits we love to indulge in, even if they aren’t so good for us. That single palette of eye shadow that might be ruining your eyelids but looks so cute? Yes please! But what about the habits you don’t know are bad? They might be causing damage to your skin, hair, and lips. Habits range from not using all salon products to washing your face in the morning. Let’s look at the top six unintentional habits that you should probably give up today.


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Wrapping wet hair in a towel or combing it while wet.

Who doesn’t love to wrap their still-dripping hair in a towel while getting dressed? It’s an easy way to prioritize your morning routine without spending too much quality time with the blow dryer. Unfortunately, this habit is extremely damaging for your hair.

According to the New York-based dermatologist Jessica Krant, M.D., the hair strands are like a spring. When they get wet, they loosen and can break more easily. If you have fine hair, this is especially problematic, since the hair strands can become frizzy and damaged much more easily. This breakage occurs whenever you put too much pressure on the hair: toweling it hard, pulling hair up into a tight wrap on top of your head, or brushing it too vigorously.

To best protect your hair, towel it gently to get much of the excess water off. Then blow dry on medium heat, separating the pieces of hair with your fingers. Once it’s completely dry, you can brush and style it. To keep your hair in its best form, schedule a wash and blow-out at Athena Salon to make sure it’s properly cared for.

Pumping your mascara wand in the bottle.

This process, while it seems like you’re getting more mascara out, will actually cause germs to multiply within the bottle. The pumping forces air in, and any bacteria from your eyes now has air in which to reproduce and grow. Also, pumping the wand will cause the mascara to dry out more quickly than it should. Experts recommend replacing your mascara every four months, but if this is a bad habit you can’t break, you should replace it more frequently.

Piling on products, especially products from different companies.

Sure, it’s fun to buy lots of makeup and products, but they can actually be causing irritation or canceling each other out. For example, using the retinoid product Retin-A along with a benzoyl peroxide will cancel the good effects of the retinoid. When in doubt, choose a couple salon products (most carry a line of products for all your needs) and skip the rest. A dermatologist or Athena Salon esthetician can also give helpful recommendation based on your skin and hair qualities.

Washing Face

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Washing your face in the morning.

Are you surprised about this one? So were we. But dermatologist Dr. Lamba swears this is true. It turns out that harsh cleansers and scrubs can do more harm than good, since they strip away the essential oils on your face. And while too much oil is bad (think: breakouts and a sheen on your skin), some oil is necessary to ward off germs and help lock in moisture throughout the day.

During the night, this essential oil builds up while you sleep. This allows your skin to rejuvenate, reestablishing the correct pH levels and increasing collagen production. A harsh soap would wash all that goodness away. Instead, you should splash water on your face and apply a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen. If your skin is excessively oily or you haven’t removed all the makeup from the day before, use a very gentle cleanser and then moisturize well. Any of the salon products available at Athena Salon will expertly care for the delicate skin.

Forgetting to care for your neck.

This is an easy area to forget when caring for your face, but that only means your neck will show signs of aging more quickly than your face will. When applying moisturizer and sunscreen, use motions that move upward and outward. This gentle pressure will stimulate blood flow, increasing collagen production. The outward motion, moving from the front to the nape of your neck, ensures that you don’t forget any portion of the skin.

Exfoliating too often or too hard.

Exfoliating can feel really good, but too much of a good thing will actually cause harm. The skin can become chapped or, in an attempt to balance the pH levels, may begin producing more oil. If your facial skin is naturally oily, this will cause even more trouble. Additionally, your skin will naturally shed dead skin cells. So rather than thinking you have to do all the work, simply think of it as helping your body’s natural process. The American Board of Dermatology recommends exfoliating only once or twice a week. If redness or dryness occur, reduce the number of times.

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