andy wagstaffe

60 minute 600+ Calorie Giant Set Workout

andy wagstaffe

CC Image Courtesy of andy wagstaffe

This workout is sure to get your heart pumping and muscles burning. If you are looking for a new great Giant Set workout that will act as both your cardio and strengthening for the day ~ this is it. Get ready to kick your own butt! Good Luck!

Warm-up: 4 mins (1 time through) All exercises 45sec, rest for 15secs

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Burpies (Stand, touch floor, out to push up position, in to squat, stand)
  3. High knees run in place
  4. Mountain Climber (in push up position, alternate feet like climbing at fast pace)

Strength: All exercises 12x through with a 30 second break between

  1. Standing Reverse dumbbell fly (standing bend at waist forward 60 degrees weights extended to ground. Lift weights with extended arm til parallel with ground)
  2. Goblet squat (squat to floor weight at mid-chest, held with both hands. Stand & extend arms up)
  3. Spiderman pushups -(In lower phase of push up bring knee to armpit, switch)

2 Minute Break

  1. Jump lunge (in low lunge while holding weights jump and switch lead leg – done in place)
  2. Dumbbell Shoulder Press (Arms at 90degree angle with upper arm parallel to floor. Press weights to ceiling.
  3. Dumbbell squat (squat to floor with weights in hands at sides, stand)

Heart Rate Boost

  1. Jumping Jacks (45 seconds – 15 sec. break)
  2. Mountain climbers(45 seconds – 15 second break)

1 Minute Break

  1. Lateral Raise (arms resting at side and lift out to side parallel to ground)
  2. Weighted Jump Squat (squat low with weight in hands at sides. Explode up and jump into air, return to low squat)
  3. Pull-ups

2 minute Break

  1. Dumbbell step up (with dumbbells at sides step up onto a 12-20 inch step or bench. Lead with 1 leg for 6 reps and then switch lead leg for the last 6)
  2. Superman Push-up (legs wide, do push up and on top lift one arm to balance on 3points, lower with both arms and repeat lifting other arm.)
  3. Dumbbell squat with shoulder press – Squat all the way to floor, arms in 90degree angle, when stand press weights to ceiling

2 Minute Break


  1. 32 Crunches
  2. Plank Rotation. 15 seconds in each position. Middle, left, middle right)

*Repeat entire strengthening workout and core 2 more times. It is 20 minute/giant set. Total workout 60 mins.

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