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8 Makeup Tools Explained

green fingernails

With all the makeup tools available today, how can you decide which ones are best? As always, the tools are only as good as the makeup you use. At your Windsor salon, we recommend choosing natural and organic products for all your makeup. Here, we explain ten of the best application options.

True familiarity with these tools will take time and practice. Use them in your daily makeup application, or schedule a facial to truly pamper yourself.

Foundation brush has a small, flat head and long handle so you can reach every part of your face. If you use liquid foundation, this brush is essential. Just dip the brush in and apply in small sections, blending evenly to avoid streaks.

Sponges are another good option for liquid foundation, since they can be tossed after the first use. Latex-free sponges are the best, since they’re less porous and absorb less foundation as you apply.

Concealer brush should have small, soft nylon bristles to apply spot concealer only where you need it. Tap the brush around the problem area, then use the tip of your ring finger to lightly blend. Consider getting a facial to lighten dark spots and cleanse the skin deeply.

Angled powder brush can help you contour the cheekbones and create a chiseled look. Use this brush with care, though, since it can also create a much heavier look.

Fan brush will help you achieve a lightweight, flawless look. It can also sweep away eye shadow that accidentally falls on your face during application. The brush’s lighter touch evens out harsher lines.

Lip brush has a firm but bendable tip that allows for maximum control when you’re applying lip color. When you apply lip liner all over your lips with this brush, the color stays on all day. A stylist at your Windsor salon can help you achieve exactly the look you want.

Eyelash curlers may look painful and complicated, but they’re actually a painless and easy way to boost your eyes. Close the curler over one set of clean, dry lashes and hold for five to ten seconds. Then apply mascara.

Eye liner brush has firm, squared bristles that help you apply liner in a straight line. When wet, it can also be used with eye shadow. But because the brush is close to your eyes every day, be sure to wash it weekly with a makeup cleanser.

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