A Pampered Bride is a Happy Bride

Facials, massages, makeovers, pedicures, manicures . . . . Not sure what to include in your wedding spa package? Consider these options:



Afraid those nerves will control your enjoyment of the big day? Find yourself unable to plan because you’re so uptight? You might want to consider a bridal massage. You can choose to have one a few days before the wedding to start relaxing or months before to make the planning process easier. Or, if you’re a bride in need of some serious pampering, include them regularly in your wedding spa package.



  • Facials: Wedding planning can do a number on your skin. After too many days of late night planning or partying, you may feel less than your best for the wedding. Facials can help remove impurities and restore your skin to health. Just make sure you don’t get your facial right before the wedding. You might find yourself walking down the aisle dealing with an allergic reaction.
  • Midcrodermabrasion: Feel like you have a few too many lines and wrinkles? Microdermabrasion helps restore the elasticity to your skin, making it look younger and firmer. Perfect for professional photos.


Looking Pretty

It goes without saying that every bride wants to look great for her wedding day. Thankfully, your wedding spa package can include options to make sure you walk down the aisle at your lovely best.

  • Makeup: Granted, most of us know our own faces and what makes us look good. We don’t, though, always know how to make the image in our head reality. Having a professional do your makeup can turn your imagination into reality. In addition, a professional will know the fine art of photo makeup, ensuring that your pictures of the big day shine.
  • Hair: If you’re not one of those enviable few gifted with hair-savvy, what to do for your wedding day look may drive you to tears. Skip the tears. Entrust your hair to a professional.
  • Manicures and Pedicures: Putting Your Best Hand (and Foot) Forward

The ring. It’s small (or maybe not so small), but it attracts plenty of attention. Make sure your hands attract even more. You might feel competent enough to paint your own nails, but a professional manicure can be what it takes to make that ring glow.

Don’t forget the pedicure either. It’s those small, hidden details that can make you feel luxurious. Besides, you want to look good for the honeymoon!

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