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Alfaparf’s 2013 Collection for Hair

city life

Here at your Fort Collins hair salon, we’re proud to use only Alfaparf color products. These products are free of harmful chemicals and dyes, providing only organic color for your hair. The semi-permanent colors do have some ammonia, compared to the regular line, but much less than the typical brands offered in other salons.

Alfaparf is going back to its Italian roots by rediscovering the beautiful city of Milan. The line of color relies on the city’s architecture, style, and inspiration to continue setting trends. Milan has long been known as a design capital of the world, and this year is no different. The 2013 collection from Alfaparf  salon products aims to transform the city’s colors and shapes into wearable trends for hair. Here are the three results.

Skyline draws its lines from the twisting, futuristic look of the Citylife Tower Complex. The Complex is one more building to complement the angularity of the Milan skyline.

The hair to match is a light platinum, cut with a definite profile. Balancing short hair on the sides and longer hair on the top, this cut creates volume through clean lines. The hair is also layered through a square technique, which can look disconnected if ruffled or sleek when combed down.

Soft Curves is inspired by the architecture of the Fiera di Milano, or the Milan Trade Fair.

When combed straight, the hair mimics the rigorous lines of the buildings. The graduated cut creates an overlapping effect. The hair is typically a dark color with structured color splashes of deep red inserted into the cut in various places. Because of the perfection of the cut, it can also be teased outward for a fuller, messier effect.

Perspective is based on two buildings: the Citylife Tower Complex and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the oldest shopping mall in Italy. Styling the hair differently will make all the difference.

For starters, the hair is dyed a rich auburn, with bright red tips near the front. This striking color is intentional, interacting with the layered cut. With the right salon products, the hair is capable of expressing both static effect and extreme movement.

No matter what inspires you for your hair this fall, let Alfaparf provide the gorgeous color. Stylists at your Fort Collins hair salon will also be happy to shape, cut, and tease your hair into its perfect look.

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