red nailpolish

All the Colors of OPI

red nailpolish

When you come to the salon for your pedicure and manicure, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best experience possible. But that isn’t the only consideration: you also want a nail polish that looks excellent and stays on for a long time.

Most likely, you’re familiar with the OPI line of polish that we provide here at Athena Salon, Spa & Wellness. But you might not know all the colors that are possible from this great line of nail colors. Sit back and let your favorite  Fort Collins spa introduce your new favorite nail color!

Samoan Sand: Beautifully peachy, this nail color is a more autumn-appropriate shade of our favorite summer color. The polish also makes skin tone look darker, allowing you to hold onto that summer tan a little longer.

Happy Anniversary!: Perhaps the most brilliant white possible, this color accents the nail shape and length well. It brings to mind the sunshine-filled white ski slopes that we’re all looking forward to this winter. If the brightness is too much, consider layering it under a “shattered” polish color.

DS Radiance: This is a shatter nail polish, meaning that the red polish can be applied over a light layer. After being painted on the nail, the red polish cracks in random patterns, giving your nails a dramatic flair. If you like to turn things on their heads, try a dark base with a light shatter color on top. Perfect for a day out on the town, this bottle combines all your favorite colors in one. Over a base of white, pink and purple and blue gambol randomly.

Red My Fortune Cookie: OPI loves their shades of red, and this bottle is no exception. This is an apple-red with a hint of brightness and orange, making it the perfect stand-out color. Pair it with a neutral-colored outfit for maximum pop.

Lincoln Park After Dark: A dark maroon, this shade is perfect for the office. Its darkness is dramatic and sophisticated without being juvenile. Its undertones also mean it will complement a range of outfits, from whites and creams to browns and dark reds.

We at your Fort Collins spa invite you to try one of these colors or browse the selection for another one. With all the manicure color options from OPI, you can customize every outfit to perfection. Let the polishing begin!

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