Athena Beauty Salon Approved Mascara Tips

When all else fails and you have absolutely no time for yourself in the morning, mascara is the one thing that once applied will make you feel put together and attractive, even if you didn’t get to washing your hair.

Athena Salon and Spa, is a Windsor Salon that understands how busy women are and how empowering even the smallest act can be in making women feel more beautiful and confident on a daily basis. Mascara is one of those salon products that takes just a second but can make a huge difference.

In fact, mascara is one of the most essential and versatile makeup products that many women own. It can be worn alone to create a subtle effect or combined with other makeup to create a more striking look. It just depends on how you feel. Athena Beauty Salon Approved Mascara Tips 

So how does one go about choosing the best mascara for their look and lifestyle? Good question. Here are some ideas.

Waterproof vs. Water-Soluble

Water-soluble mascara is easy to remove without eye makeup remover. This helps to minimize rubbing the eyes which can lead to sagging skin around the eyes. Waterproof mascara is a good choice for athletes such as swimmers.


Try choosing a mascara color based around your hair color. If you’re a brunette try a black mascara to bring out your eyes. If you’re fair-haired, try brown mascara for a more natural look. Also, don’t be afraid to play with colored mascaras, just make sure it’s appropriate for the occasion and the outfit.


Choose the mascara brush according to your preference. A straight brush can be used to coat the hard-to-reach corner lashes. A curved brush makes it easy to coat more lashes at once.

For more makeup tips and tricks make an appointment with an Athena beauty salon professional. Athena will help you create the look you want with the time that you have available.

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