Athena Salon and Spa-Approved Makeup Tips for Summer 2013

It can be difficult to keep a fresh-looking face during the hottest days of summer. You might be one to simply give your skin a break, or you might prefer to wear lightweight makeup when you know you’ll be out in the heat. Here are some salon and spa-approved tips to keep your skin looking beautiful between facials through the hottest summer months!


For the Minimalist:

If you usually run from wearing makeup on the hottest of days but are looking for ways to look your best, you might prefer not to wear much more than a light, tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, and a little mascara. The tinted moisturizer will even your skin tone and hide any redness. Be sure to use a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 for incidental sun exposure, or SPF 30 or higher for a day outdoors.

Mascara will add a bit of pop to your eyes without layering makeup onto your eyelids or cheeks. You won’t feel like the makeup is caked on, so you can be comfortable throughout the day while continuing to look beautiful!

Or if you prefer to keep your eyes nude, you could accent your cheekbones instead with a light bronzer or blush. Accenting your cheekbones will draw attention to your natural beauty, and may make you feel more beautiful and confident without adding any layers to your eyes or lips.

For the Fashionista:

Color block eye shadow is in for Summer 2013. Pick a color – any color – and run with it! Apply in thick matte over your entire eyelid. Play with shapes, sparkle, or even stick-on body gems as accents to your eyeshadow.

2013 makeup

Go Grunge:

If you think your makeup is going to smear – go grunge from the get-go! Not only is this style all the rage for 2013, it will alleviate your fears of bleeding eyeshadow or mascara. To achieve the look, simply add some liner to your bottom lashes, blend it around the edges, and you are good to go! If you are feeling timid, start with a bronze or gold color. For the grunge-at-heart, pull out the black eyeliner and start lining!


No matter what look you are going for this summer, you will want to keep your skin as healthy as possible. Don’t let the summer heat dry out your skin! Be sure to moisturize daily and stop in at Athena’s Salon and Spa for a facial and a makeup lesson on how to create this season’s makeup trends in colors that complement you!

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