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  • palm trees

    Last Minute Preparations for Spring Break

    You may have already been preparing for spring break, since it’s that time of year right now. Who isn’t excited about spring? Budding trees, warmer weather, and no more need for a coat. The first manifestation of spring is often spring break. While we can’t help you decide where to go and what activities to

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  • pregnant

    Beauty Products to Avoid While Pregnant

    If you’re expecting a baby, chances are good that you’re being careful about what you eat, how much exercise you get, and how much you’re sleeping. But what about the beauty products you use every morning? It’s a good idea to be aware of them too, so that you can avoid the harmful chemicals found

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  • Braid girl dress

    Braiding Hairstyles for This Spring

    Running late for work in the morning? How about going out with some friends on Saturday night? No matter what the time and place, there’s a braid that looks great for the occasion. The trick is just knowing the best style for your face and the formality of the outing. Here, we look at a

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  • minerals

    Organic or Not Organic

    You might have asked yourself before: “Is an organic spa better than a conventional one? What are the differences? Why should I go to an organic spa or salon?” These are important questions, and should be uppermost in your mind when scheduling a salon appointment. Here, we look at some of the most important reasons

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  • TheKarenD

    Taking Care of Your Nails at Home

    Going to your Windsor salon for regular manicures and pedicures can be a great way to take care of your nails. But what should you do in between appointments? And how can you get the best result from a manicure? If your nails have small ridges, dents, or areas of unusual color, read on. Here,

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  • pool and sunscreen

    7 Sources of Skin Irritation

    Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and chances are good that you’ve experienced some irritation, blisters, or sores on your skin before. Skin acts as the body’s first level of defense against pollutants and germs, so it makes sense that the skin is often irritated. If you’re not using an organic salon

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  • thinking

    Anti-Aging Tips for Men

    Throughout the last few years, it’s become more socially acceptable for men to care about how they look. Men are now spending time and money for good haircuts, name brand clothing, expensive cars, even top-of-the-line watches and rings. But what about their skin care? Thankfully, many companies are now beginning to carry lines of face

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  • green eye shadow

    Latest Eye Makeup Trends from Hollywood

    Are you looking for this year’s hottest trends in eye fashions? We love to see what the stars are wearing, so let’s take a look at the best eye makeup trends from their recent public appearances at ceremonies, movies, and even around town. In turn, these people are often inspired by the runway and couture

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  • Hot stone massage

    13 Spa Etiquette Dos and Don’ts

    The spa can be a wonderfully relaxing place, just what you need after a stressful week at work or school. But sometimes, the spa experience can be more stressful than it should. Understand that there are certain protocols that will definitely make your visit to the spa more enjoyable. Read on for some helpful spa

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  • towel wrap

    6 Beauty Habits You Should Break

    We all have those beauty habits we love to indulge in, even if they aren’t so good for us. That single palette of eye shadow that might be ruining your eyelids but looks so cute? Yes please! But what about the habits you don’t know are bad? They might be causing damage to your skin,

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  • lipstick

    Beautiful Winter Looks Continue

    Though we’ve successfully survived the Christmas and New Year’s seasons, winter in Colorado is not yet over. We have several months of chilly mornings, cute boots, and snuggly sweaters before the seasons change. And before we start looking ahead to spring, let’s linger over some excellent beauty choices that will keep you going strong. Get

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  • actress

    2014 Trends and Predictions

    We all had our eyes on the Golden Globes recently, watching to see what fashions and trends would be big this year. But sometimes, what the stars wear simply isn’t practical or appropriate for our everyday lives. Smoldering eyes with a dramatic cat’s eye like Julianna Marguiles? Yes please, but not at work! So what

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  • girl laughing.jpg

    Beauty Tips for Teenagers

    The teenage years can be a great time to begin experimenting with makeup, hair styles, and even expressions of personality. Teens have the flexibility to try out styles and looks that suit them best. But in all this playing dress-up, there are some rules that should be followed in order to look your best. Go

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  • makeup

    When to Throw Away Makeup

    Have you ever wondered how long to hang onto your makeup? If the foundation bottle has color smeared on the inside of the cap, is that bad? The key is knowing when to replace your makeup, since applying old or cakey products will make your skin look worse. Even if you’ve invested in salon products,

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  • haircut

    Solutions for Common Men’s Hair Problems

    Though much of the hair styling and coloring market is geared toward women, men also have troubles with their hair. And because of their unique needs, their hair should be taken care of differently than women. What specific hair troubles do men suffer from? And how can they alleviate those problems? Here at your favorite

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  • green fingernails

    Beauty Trends of 2013

    The end of a year always makes us a little nostalgic for the things that have been, the trends and clothes and makeup that were big. The year 2013 was a great year to enjoy these things. And while we’re excited to see what beautiful trends 2014 has in store, here at Athena Salon and

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  • Amodiovalerio Verde

    6 Beauty Resolutions for a Happy New Year

    Now that Christmas is passed, the new year is almost upon us! Some of you may be making New Year’s resolutions. Others of you may not be writing a formal list but be thinking about ways you can improve yourself in 2014. These often range from saving more money and taking weekly yoga classes to

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