Girl in school flipping through pages in a book.

Back-to-School Salon Trends

Girl in school flipping through pages in a book.

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Now that school has officially started, it’s the perfect time to catch up on the fall trends you might have missed. Your Windsor hair salon can help with all of fall’s best fashions. If you haven’t finished your back-to-school shopping, make sure to check out these trends before you buy even one more bottle of nail polish!


Jewel tones are in this fall, with emerald and peacock-blue being two favorites. For warmth, choose deep pinks and oranges but steer away from light pinks, burnt orange, and any shades with yellow undertones. Think of this as the beautiful summer fruits following you into fall: raspberry, blueberry, lemon, tangerines, and a dash of watermelon-rind green. For neutrals, stick with warm whites and creams.


Warm colors appear on manicure options this autumn as well, but the fun shapes and designs are anything but dull. Colored tips are still in; simply swap your bright summer polish for the rich, warm tones suitable to cooler weather. Designs on nails are popular now, but opt for abstract designs rather than stickers or cute shapes. Polka dots look sophisticated if the number of colors is limited to two or three. Ombre swirls are moving from the paint canvas to nails. Simply paint the nail a neutral base, then swirl a color over the tips for the textured, carefully-deconstructed look.


Two trends dominate this field right now: long and loose, or short and edgy. If you opt for the long hair, you can pull it back into a low or medium ponytail, or simply let it loose. Creative braiding is a great way to show off both your hair and your creative talent. If you prefer a short bob, the edgy and tousled look is in this fall. Dye it blond for the rocker look or choose a dark shade for a grown-up version of this style. Either hair trend fits with the heavy bangs that are popular now. Cut them straight in front or sweep them to the side, depending on the shape of your face. Our Windsor hair salon can help you decide on the most flattering style.

No matter what your plans are for school, football games, and hanging out with friends, these salon trends will be perfect. Make sure to visit us with any questions you have or to schedule your own manicure or haircut. Let the fall fun begin!

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