Be in the Spirit All Year!


I love this time of year…after all it is the season of hope and generosity but why does it take a special holiday to “get in the spirit”, to give to our loved ones, to send a letter or note or to donate to great causes? Can you imagine if we lived like it was the holiday season all year long?

Now obviously I am not talking about the loads of gifts under the tree or the tons of sugar, candy and who knows what else we all eat. However, it seems that most are more aware of generosity and kindness this time of year. It feels amazing to give. Although receiving is certainly fun too and is absolutely important as well. It is such a wonderful gift to see others receive the gifts we have presented to them.

Can you imagine giving and receiving equally as an equal exchange of energy. It does not need to be a tangible gift…just a gift from the heart. It may be a hug, an “I love you” or “can I help you?” Giving is as big or small as we make it but one could argue that no act of giving is ever small. If you do not have the money, do you have the time or energy to give? Being in service and donating time and effort are certainly great ways of giving as well.

I remember when I was younger always wanting for myself, more success, more money, more time, more love whatever it was I wanted more but I was not giving more and therefore “more” was not showing up. I am learning this lesson everyday but now I certainly give more of myself, my time, my money etc. And whenever I want “more” I give “more” and more of what I want shows up. Fascinating that way…the old adage “the more you give the more you receive” actually rings true in my experience.

So keep giving my friends and reap the rewards of your generosity.

Happy Holidays all year!

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