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Though we’ve successfully survived the Christmas and New Year’s seasons, winter in Colorado is not yet over. We have several months of chilly mornings, cute boots, and snuggly sweaters before the seasons change. And before we start looking ahead to spring, let’s linger over some excellent beauty choices that will keep you going strong.


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Get a haircut or a hair makeover.

If you were too busy to schedule a hair cut during the holiday season, that’s completely understandable. But by now, your locks may be ready to be shortened and freshened. Stylists at your favorite local hair salon can revitalize your winter look without making drastic changes. They can also recommend hydrating products or whatever your hair specifically needs, so you can continue caring for it during the dry winter time.

If drastic change is in your future, this may be the perfect time for a hair makeover. Getting a makeover periodically will keep your look from becoming dated or unmatched to your lifestyle. This isn’t to say you’ll need a spring-time look (there’s time enough for that!), but perhaps just a different style for your hair.

Invest in the perfect lip gloss.

Winter is the time we need to be especially careful of lip care, since the lips can dry out so quickly. Chapped lips will detract from any makeup look, no matter how beautiful. So to keep caring for your lips, reach for the Jane Iredale Chocoholicks lip gloss palette. This gold case holds Blood Orange, Espresso, Very Berry, and Chili Pepper flavored glosses in style, along with a retractable brush for perfect application. Each gloss is tinted a different warm shade: deepest orange, mauve brown, eggplant purple, and a bright smashed-berries shade. That way, along with protecting your lips with a deliciously flavored gloss, you can also tint them without needing lipstick.

Wear the right eye shadow for the occasion.


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Nothing makes your eyes pop like just the right color eye shadow. We especially like the Eye Steppes collection from Jane Iredale, which lets you have the convenience of a small compact with the wow factor of the right colors. You can choose from five shaded palettes, though for the winter months, we like the goGreen and goWarm choices. Not sure which one you should buy? Stylists at your local hair salon may also be able to help you pick the perfect palette for your skin tone.

Find a mineral foundation that matches your skin.

And for those of you who are still searching for the perfect foundation for your look, we have an idea. Jane Iredale recently introduced a starter kit with you in mind. You can get the radiant look and weightless feel of the makeup, without committing to a full foundation kit. Then, once you’ve found the perfect shade and love how your skin looks, you can buy the full kit. In the starter kit, choose from shades ranging from light to medium dark and dark, to find the one that fits your skin tone best.

Remember the sun-kissed, beautifully colored cheeks.

One of our favorites is the Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush. This blush arrives in a small gold tube and the cream can be swirled on your cheeks for instant color. And because the color is gradual and delicate, there’s no need to worry about leaving pinkish smears along your cheeks. Choose from one of the five colors: Connection, Clarity, Charisma, Chemistry, and Confidence. These range from a rose-petal pink to warm brown to dramatic berry red. The best part is that it can also be used as a lipstick. Simply drop it in your bag to take with you, and have fresh color throughout the day.

Keep your healthy summer glow all year round.

It is possible to keep your skin glowing all year; the trick is simply to use the right products. Over a mineral foundation base, we like to brush Jane Iredale’s 24-Karat Gold Dust. The name isn’t even over the top, since it will make you feel gorgeous! Choose from Silver, Gold, Bronze, Champagne, or Rose Gold. Each of these fits a particular look, and many of them fit multiple skin tones. They add just the right amount of sparkle to eyes, cheekbones, décolletage, and anywhere you want to draw the light. If you want to accent facial features in particular, ask at your local hair salon for a haircut that will draw attention to the perfect assets.

If a more obvious tan is the look you want, there’s a bottle for that! Just try the Tantasia Self Tanner, which claims you can “Tint Today, Tan Tomorrow.” It’s a vegan and cruelty-free alternative to many of the self-tanners that are available at the local drugstore. This self tanner usually begins to appear best after four or five days, and lends a healthy glow without feeling weighted or sticky.

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