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Beauty Queen Fight In New Zealand

Beauty queen

CC Image courtesy of Roger H. Goun via Flickr.

According to Melissa Martin – Ms. North Harbour – recent events concerning the New Zealand portion of the Ms. Universe pageant are reinforcing “the public’s” dislike for beauty pageants. The common perception of a beauty queen is getting facials, manicure, and trips to the hair salon. However, all is not fun and games in New Zealand. There is quite a fight going on between the first place beauty queen and Miss North Harbour. The organizers of Miss Universe New Zealand are taking flak for recent decisions about the citizenship of Avianca Bohm, the first place contestant.

Bohm was born in South Africa, but moved to New Zealand when she was 16. At the time of her move, she only spoke the South African language Afrikaans. Now, however, she believes her home is in New Zealand.

She won Miss Universe New Zealand, but will not be allowed to participate in Miss Universe 2012 if her bid for citizenship fails. Miss North Harbour calls the whole issue an “appalling miscarriage of justice.” Two out of the three judges knew of Bohm’s citizenship problems, but ignored the issue. Martin now calls for the director of the pageant, Val Lott, to surrender her position.

Bohm’s is not the only case of invalid citizenship. Monique Cooley, who took third place in the pageant, is an Australian citizen and should not have been allowed to participate.

If Bohm obtains a New Zealand passport by the December Miss Universe 2012 pageant, she will be allowed to participate. Bohm has no doubt that she will be able to participate in the pageant and represent her country, but Miss North Harbour is not so happy. Martin says that even if the passport is obtained, the current Miss Universe New Zealand should surrender her victory tiara.

The life of pageant contestants is not just fun and games anymore, though with this stress Avianca Bohm could surely use a good manicure or facials. Instead of being solely about beauty and how much time is spent at the hair salon, this Miss Universe pageant is turning into quite a spectacle. The New Zealand incident is just one example of a fight between beauty queens. The event is turning personal in New Zealand.

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