Beauty Salon Approved: Must-Have Holiday Hair-Do’s

One must-have for the holiday party season is trendy and fashionable hair. It’s always a good idea to make an appointment with your favorite stylist at Athena salon, your local Windsor hair salon before you head out for your holiday night on the town but there is also an array of chic and stylish hair-dos that are easy enough to accomplish at home. Check out these simple ideas for fun holiday hair.


The classic chignon is a beautiful option that will add a touch of old Hollywood to your holiday look. In order to achieve this style spray two or three squirts of Eufora volumizer to the roots of Chignonyour freshly washed hair. Blow dry your hair while simultaneously lifting the hair with a large round brush, then gently pull your hair into a small ponytail at the base of your neck. Continue teasing hair near the base of the ponytail and create a large bun using the ends of the hair. Secure the large loop to the head using bobby pins creating a large bun shape. After you get the hang out of it, creating a classic chignon should take about 15 minutes and give you a classy and timeless look.


Instead of an up-do you may opt to go more natural and voluminous. Large, bouncy curls that will beautifully complement any party dress or gown can take 30 minutes or less. Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair with Eufora’a Bodifying Elixer. Spray hair with Eufora’s volumizer that is activated by heat and blow dry on a medium setting. Divide your hair into three sections and use medium-sized or large hot rollers. Roll each roller away from your face and pin into place with a metal pin. Leave in for eight to ten minutes. Comb through your hair lightly with your fingers and mist your hair with Eufora’s Details Spray Wax to hold the curls.

Classy Ponytail

A perfect ponytail is always fun and to transform a standard pony into something that’s party ready is a cinch. Start by making a five-inch part at your forehead and tease the hair located behind the part to create some volume. Create the ponytail by using a large brush and an elastic band. Be sure to leave out a few wispy pieces around your hairline to create interest around your face. Wrap any loose pieces around the ponytail base to cover up the elastic band and mist with Eufora’s Elevate to hold the ponytail in place.

Not only will these holiday hair-do’s complete your look but you can be assured that your beauty salon inspired locks will make you the most stylish party-goer in any room.

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