Beauty Salon Approved Summer Skin Care Tips

Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us and for many that means the unofficial start of summer.  With the extended spring snow, Northern Colorado is more than ready for sunny days and pool-side cocktails, but the start of the summer months also means that it’s time to switch up our skincare routines.

According to a blog post on, it’s important to switch out your beauty loot for summer but it’s important to look at the ingredient list when doing so.

“What’s old is new again” doesn’t apply when it comes to seasonal skin care. “Products that kept skin feeling moist and comfortable during winter may leave it oily or sweaty once the heat and humidity really hit,” says dermatologist Jessica Krant, MD, of SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York.  Beautiful Girl

Krant also explains that ingredients like glycerol and urea in moisturizers collect water from the air and keep it against your skin which is great for winter but may just make you sweatier in the summer.

Here are a few beauty salon approved summer skin care suggestions from the skin care experts at Athena Salon and Spa in Windsor.

Change up cleansers and moisturizers in the summertime. When doing so, look for products that have lightweight ingredients that will give a breathable barrier to the skin.

Beat summer acne by using lighter products that are water-based and look for makeup products that also contain moisturizers like BB creams that contain moisturizer, foundation and SPF all in one. Try an oil-absorbing clay mask once a week and look for SPFs that are matte finish and oil-free.

Reduce redness and face flushing by drinking plenty of water, staying out of direct sun, and using adequate sun protection. Remember, UV rays can penetrate windows and overcast days.

By keeping these beauty salon approved tips in mind, you can be sure that your skin is healthy and glowing all summer long. If you have any other skin care questions, call Athena Salon and Spa today at 970-223-0273.

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