Beauty Salon Secrets: Finding the Best Foundation for Your Face

Flawless, vibrant skin is something that we all aspire to have. Even if you weren’t naturally blessed with a clear and dewy complexion you can still look unblemished and brilliant if you use the right foundation. To even out and create the illusion of perfect skin, the right foundation can work wonders as long as you choose the right kind and color of foundation.

The best way to find the perfect shade for your skin is to visit Athena Spa and Salon. They not only offer the best salon and makeup products but they also provide color matching to help you discover the best product for your skin.

Here are some additional tips for finding the best foundation for you.

Skin Type

It’s important to determine your skin type and use a makeup formula created especially for your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin you’ll want to use an oil-free formula or if you have dry skin try a creamy formula that has moisturizers in it.


Determine what kind of coverage you prefer. Foundations come in an array of types from sheer to heavy and from satiny to matte.


It’s best to test potential foundation colors on your jaw line as this offers the truest facial coloring. Foundations will naturally look darker in the bottle so it’s always a good idea to test before purchasing.

Sponge/ Brush

Test your foundation colors by blending it into your jaw line with a makeup sponge or professional brush. This will help it to be better absorbed and disappear into your skin. If you discover that you’re in between two shades, you can always blend two shades together or continue looking for a brand that offers the perfect shade.

Natural Light

It’s important to see your foundation tests in natural light.


Here are few rules of thumb when it comes picking foundation based on ethnicity. Yellow tones and tinted moisturizers are usually best for Caucasians and Asians; yellow-orange undertones with tinted moisturizers are best for Hispanics; and African Americans usually do best with light, medium and dark shades of foundation to allow for different gradiations of color on different parts of the face.

If you’re at a loss when it comes to choosing a foundation, a trip to the beauty salon may be in order. Athena Salon and Spa offers Jane Iredale certified organic mineral makeup, free color matching as well as full makeup applications and make up lessons.

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