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Beauty Tips for Teenagers

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The teenage years can be a great time to begin experimenting with makeup, hair styles, and even expressions of personality. Teens have the flexibility to try out styles and looks that suit them best. But in all this playing dress-up, there are some rules that should be followed in order to look your best.

Go easy on the foundation.

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When skin is young, it is elastic and full of collagen. The elasticity means that if you stretch or scrape it, the skin will quickly bounce back. Collagen makes cheeks and areas around the eyes more full and plump, which is associated with youth and beauty. As you age, your skin becomes less elastic and the collagen under the skin’s surface gradually fades. This leaves the face looking more angular, less soft, and with more wrinkles.

Teenage years are some of the best for enjoying your skin. There’s no need to cover up the fullness and healthy glow of your skin with lots of foundation. In fact, if you use lots of chemical-based foundations,

Pat concealer on, rather than rubbing it in.

The inevitable breakouts will happen, but there are definitely right and wrong ways to handle them. Apply concealer before foundation, and make sure to pat it in. Rubbing it on will spread it to unnecessary areas and not cover the red spot. Softly pat in the concealer with your ring finger (the gentlest one), let it dry, and then pat foundation over that.

Vaseline can be a lifesaver.

In a pinch, this moisturizer can be an easy makeup remover. Or you can re-hydrate lips quickly with just a dab. Vaseline also acts as a good lip exfoliator with rubbed on gently with a toothbrush.

Have fun with hair color but have a professional apply the dye.

Dyeing your hair can be a quick, fun way to experiment with your hair style. How do you look with slightly darker hair? With blond? With pink? There’s no limit to the possibilities but if you do choose to change, schedule an appointment with your Windsor salon. That will ensure that the results look great and you have the chance to really test it out. It’s guaranteed you won’t like that shade of brunette if there’s brown dye all along your hairline. But if a professional does it, you can truly see if it looks great. (PS – the stylist may also have suggestions about which tones work best with your skin, saving you a lot of time spent with the wrong color.)

During the day and at school, less is better than more.

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Simply put, you don’t have to dress for a beauty pageant simply to go sit in math class. Look beautiful, yes, but not overdone. You can do this by emphasizing one thing: hair style, nails, or makeup. If you choose makeup, make sure to play up only one feature, such as your eyes or your lips.

When going out with your friends in the evenings or on weekends, then feel free to add more. More mascara, bigger earrings, a brighter shade of lipstick. This is when it’s appropriate to be lavish. But if your style is minimalist or fresh faced, feel free to wear that all along. There’s only a need to differentiate if you like to layer on the makeup or play with dramatic colors.

Find a good face wash and moisturizer.

Teenage skin can be difficult to care for, which is why it’s important to find a facial wash and moisturizer that are perfect. Your Windsor salon will be able to suggest options based on your skin’s needs. Just be sure to look for natural or organic versions, since conventional versions have many chemicals that can clog pores and irritate skin instead of cleansing.

Use baby powder to rescue oily hair.

No need to fret if you hate taking a shower every morning, or if your hair gets oily quickly. Simply slip a small bottle of baby powder into your bag. Dab a little on your palms and then massage it into your scalp. This will freshen your hair and wick away the oil. Just be careful not to use too much, since baby powder is fine and will settle on your clothing if there’s too much.

Never skip the sunscreen.

Even on cloudy days, the UV rays will penetrate to the earth. Rays can also be reflected off and through windows, making them stronger. So no matter what the season or where you’ll be throughout the day, make sure to apply sunscreen. It’ll keep you looking younger for many years.

Take a class on makeup application.

This doesn’t need to be boring or dull; simply schedule a makeup appointment with one of our Windsor salon stylists. She’ll be able to teach you and some friends how best to apply makeup according to your specific skin types, face shapes, and skin tones. This information comes in useful no matter what your style: fresh faced cowgirl or prima donna with perfect lipstick. Additionally, as you play with styles and looks to find the one that’s “you,” these tips will help you experiment gracefully.

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