green fingernails

Beauty Trends of 2013

green fingernails

The end of a year always makes us a little nostalgic for the things that have been, the trends and clothes and makeup that were big. The year 2013 was a great year to enjoy these things. And while we’re excited to see what beautiful trends 2014 has in store, here at Athena Salon and Spa, we’ll take some time first to remember where we’ve been the last twelve months.

Hair parted down the middle

No longer relegated to the 1970s, this look took a modern twist this year. Stars everywhere were straightening their hair, applying a high shine mousse to keep the fly-away hairs to a minimum, and parting their hair down the middle. A good beauty product was essential in keeping hair clean and smooth. Especially for long hair, this look is beautiful and feminine. And because the style is so simple, you have the freedom to play up eyes or lips as the statement.

CC Image courtesy of kuuipo1207 on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of kuuipo1207 on Flickr

Emerald, emerald everywhere

This was the hot color this year, showing up everywhere from nails to eye shadow to floor length red-carpet gowns. For those who wanted to try out the color before committing to a big splash, eye liner was a great intro. This color makes blue and green eyes pop.

Bold brows

We’re not sad that the days of the pencil-thin eyebrows are over! 2013 saw a more beautiful form of the brow, a natural full version. Women still shape them and keep them trimmed, but allow the natural shape to dictate the look of the brows. Slightly thicker brows also provide a great frame for the rest of the face.

Exotic oils, especially Moroccan oil

Not sure why it took so long to catch on, but exotic and essential oils make for great beauty products. Supermodel Josie Maran was among the first to popularize the “Moroccan miracle moisturizer,” which has been appearing in a wide range of products ever since. Argan oil is excellent for the hair, while other oils moisturize the skin or provide a natural scent in place of chemical-laden perfumes.

Farm to spa beauty treatments

Here at Athena Salon and Spa, we’ve been using these beauty products for several years. The idea is simple: cut down on the number of people in the middle. The farmer and orchard keeper grow their products; then the beauty companies use them. Often, spas and salons are using products straight from the farm where they’re grown, rather than letting the ingredients pass through a range of production lines before coming to rest on their shelves. We’ve been doing this with our food for some time now, and it’s about time to apply the same care to our cosmetic products too.

CC Image courtesy of pumpkincat210 on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of pumpkincat210 on Flickr

Pink and coral used around the eyes

Once only used on the lips, these shades made their appearance around the eyes on catwalks everywhere. For an appropriately winter version, use copper or darker shades instead. In order to pull off the look, opt for nude lipstick and no mascara. Otherwise, the eye color looks too clownish.

Matte lipstick

Ultra shine is used on hair but not on lips this year. We saw this especially in the spring, when models began sporting vivid hues of matte red, pink, and coral. Just make sure to layer lip balm under the lipstick to keep your lips from drying out.

Chalks and candy-colored hair

This is a fun trend and no longer just for punk band members. The color can be completely sophisticated with some quality jewelry and well-applied makeup. If choosing bright hair colors, of course, downplay the makeup or opt for bright lips to balance things out. The chalk versions of these colors lets you play with a unique look without committing to a permanent dye job.

The flapper girl returned with a big sparkle!

Just think Carey Mulligan in her role of Daisy Buchanan in “The Great Gatsby.” Women everywhere loved this look: bobbed hair, dramatic eyes, and innocently flushed cheeks. Add a generous dash of diamond sparkle to complete the look.

Hair accessories

Daisy Buchanan led the way in bringing this trend back to light. Hair accessories were big about five years ago, with Paris Hilton’s styles all over the fashion pages. This year, people turned to more ladylike and highly stated pieces. Think lots of sparkle, headbands in shades that contrasted with your natural hair, and big pins. Charlize Theron, Carey Mulligan, and Michelle Williams all sported versions of these accessories. If you aren’t sure what would look best with your current haircut, feel free to consult your stylist at Athena Salon and Spa for ideas.

Simple ingredients in perfumes

We said simple but not boring. Perfumes returned to their less complicated roots with ingredients such as amber, lavender, cloves, and all scents that are warm and nostalgic. Consumers also want to know what in their perfumes, so companies are reaching for natural and organic ingredients rather than the chemical versions. This means you can smell good and feel good about it too.

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