Ombre hair style.

Beauty Trends that are Quickly Fading

Ombre hair style.

Ombre CC Photo Courtesy of Growinnc

The thing about a beauty trend is that it’s meant to disappear eventually. For some reason, certain trends just never go away, and some people keep rocking those trends well past their “best by” date. One good example of this is feathered hair, which went out as a popular hairstyle sometime during the 1980s.

Yet, many people today still love the feathered hair look — and that’s perfectly fine if it really fits your personality, and you love it! But if you’re trying to follow the current trends, there are some things that should be put to rest for good.

Here are some beauty trends that happened in 2014, but are no longer the height of all things popular in the fashion world based on a recent Cosmo article. If you fancy yourself a diva, here’s what you need to know!

Seriously high painted-on cheekbones. Contouring is a good thing most days, but in 2015 contouring comes in the form of a more natural look. Consider cream bronzers instead of a deep and dark blush — your cheekbones will stand out just as much, but they won’t look overdone.

Extensions that reach your back and beyond. Every girl loves a set of great extensions when an event is coming up, or when you want to create a fishtail braid that cascades down one side of your shoulder. Otherwise, everyday extensions are a thing of the past, and celebs are now sporting cute shorter looks for spring and summer. Let your natural waves fly with an above the shoulder cut.

Crazy eyebrows! If you have spent any time looking at various retailer Instagram feeds, you’ll see a new trend that involves large and thick painted on eyebrows. (Benefit Cosmetics has a whole Instagram campaign aimed at teaching girls how to make bigger brows.) While eyebrows are great, that strange opaque look is so far out it’s in space. Skip the massive brows, and go for some that are more natural looking — check back on this blog for a brow tutorial too, and we’ll show you how to create those perfectly imperfect brows.

Ombre hair. We love the ombre look, and to be honest, it really is the best way for some people to color their hair — if ombre works for you, stick with it. But there’s a new trend popping up too called “balayage.” Balayage means that your stylist will paint on strands of highlights in strategic places — this is really an art form! The result is sun kissed hair that looks a lot more natural than ombre, and most of the time this look grows out wonderfully too.

Extreme nail art. We love nails as much as the next gal, but 3D nail art takes things too far this year. Stick with a neat manicure or one color all over. If you want to add some sparkle, ask your manicurist at your spa in Windsor for some subtle added sparkle.

Shaved sides. Considering shaving the side of your head? While this look still creates that semi-punk demeanor, the side shave is out. In its place is a more subtle look with strands of hair simply tucked behind one ear. Try this look out for a while — you can always go back to shaving if you really love that tougher style.

Falsies. Got eyelashes for miles thanks to the falsies that you put on daily? Try out a more subtle look by placing those false lashes just on the corners of your eye instead of all over. The look will be less spider and more bombshell. You can also try eyelash tinting to permanently add some darker color to your lashes without messing around with fake eyelashes (let’s face it, those are a pain anyway!).

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