Become a Bronzed Beauty…Even in the Winter

At this point in time it might seem unlikely that your pale facial skin has ever sported a glowing summer tan. However, it is possible to create a sun-kissed look on your face even during the dark and cold months of winter. According to the beauty experts at Athena Spa and Salon, using the right shade of bronzer can help you maintain a radiant glow year round.

Is it really possible to sport a glowing bronze look with the help of bronzer, even during the winter months?

The answer is yes, but it’s important to apply bronzer correctly in order to steer clear of the dreaded orange “fake tan” look. Bronzer is a versatile product that when used correctly will not only bring much-needed color to your winterized face but can also cover up flaws and enhance the contours of your face. However, it depends entirely on the type of bronzer selected and the technique that is used to apply it. Here are some beauty salon tested tips for achieving the perfect winter bronzed look. Sunglasses

A liquid bronzer is an excellent option when it comes to using bronzer during the winter. It is easy to blend with regular foundation, just make sure that your regular foundation is dry before applying liquid bronzer. Apply dots on cheekbones, forehead and nose to create the ultimate bronzed goddess look.  Blend it into your skin using your fingertips and a moist sponge.

Applying bronzing powder over your foundation during the winter can easily warm up your skin tone. Brush it over your cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin.  Use a big fluffy makeup brush to help you create flattering contours on your face. Also, make sure to use a bronzing powder that is one shade darker than your standard foundation to create the best naturally bronzed effect.

A bronzing foundation can help create all-over coverage that is sun kissed and flawless. Choose a mineral bronzing foundation if you prefer a softer and more natural finish. If you prefer a more defined and photo-ready look stick with liquid bronzing foundation which contains flecks of pigment and other ingredients that help to create the look of a natural tan.

Creating a sun-kissed look even when the sun is nowhere to be seen is easy with the right bronzing techniques. If you would like additional suggestions or application techniques, contact Athena Spa and Salon, Northern Colorado’s premier facial spa.

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