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Benefits of a Good Pedicure

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After a long and cold winter, there’s nothing like the first pedicure of spring. Colored toes and smooth heels are completely refreshing! But, did you know that there are some actual health benefits to getting a good pedicure too? Take a look!

1. Nail and foot fungus. I know, this sounds gross, but it’s far better to know about a nail or foot problem than to let it go untreated for too long! A good pedicure specialist should be able to tell you if something is wrong with your toes or feet, and some can even refer you to a foot doctor.

2. Circulation benefits. Are your feet always cold? You might have some circulation issues! Pedicures involve massage, warm water, and plenty of scrubbing. All of these things help to increase blood flow in the foot and calf area – resulting in warmer feet and better circulation.

3. Dry feet. It can be embarassing to unveil your feet after a long winter. If you have dry or cracked skin, you aren’t alone! Letting your feet soak during a pedicure is the best way to cure that wintery skin.

4. Cuticle trouble. Cuticles that aren’t cut back can look dry, and this can cause your feet (and hands!) to look years older. Who wants that? A good pedicure will get rid of all that dry skin under and on top of your feet.

5. Happiness. There’s a mental health side of a pedicure too. Looking down at brightly colored, soft, warm, feet will bring instant happiness. Plus, it’s really hard to ignore the great feeling that comes along with having your feet scrubbed (and the pampering bit is nice too!).

6. De-Stress. Here’s another mental health benefit! Pampering yourself with a pedicure once per month is a great way to let go of all that work stress. Leave your phone in your purse as you enjoy your pedicure. There’s no better way to get rid of all those troubles than to shut the world out while you enjoy a foot scrub!

7. Confidence: one more for your mental health! Don’t underestimate the confidence boost that you’ll get with a great pedicure. You may as well treat yourself to some new sandals to show off those toes too (and a nice dinner while you’re at it!).

8. Giving your feet a break: your feet have to support your weight. That’s a big job no matter how much you weigh! Give your feet a break by booking a nice soothing pedicure regularly. You’ll feel much better, and you’ll experience less foot pain too.

9. Physical exercise: how likely are you to join a yoga class or go swimming if your feet are unsightly? Not likely at all, right? Make the time for personal grooming. You’ll find that you’re ready for any kind of activity – not just the treadmill! Pedicures, in this way, help promote good health and exercise, and that’s a good thing.

10. Massage: a good pedicure includes a complete arch, foot, and calf massage. Massage has been proven to have many benefits including lymphatic drainage. If you aren’t massaging your feet on a regular basis, you are missing out.

11. Because you deserve it: this might be the most important one of all! Why shouldn’t you get a pedicure? It’s hard to find a reason, right? We have all kinds of pedicures available, so you’ll find just the right one for your tired feet.

Athena’s Pedicure Treats

All of our pedicures come with a complete massage, and all of our aestheticians are highly trained to make sure that your feet look amazing. We offer a number of great pedicure options including the ‘Express Pedicure’ for those times when you just don’t have the time (but still want your feet to look great!)’; ‘Traditional Pedicure’ (all the amazingness of a traditional pedicure!); and the ‘Athena Spa Pedicure’ (luxury in pedicure form!).

We also offer all of the latest colors, so you can pick from the newest hues. Make sure to come in and check out our spring color lineup – spring is looking really bright this year! Treat your feet after that long and cold winter with a great pedicure or check out some of our other spa services. Call today to book your pedicure appointment in advance, or with any questions that you may have.

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