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  • Deepak Sharma

    New Tanning Regulations Thanks to Tanning Mom

    Thanks to Patricia Krentcil, better known as Tanning Mom, the state of New Jersey is facing new and stricter regulations on the tanning industry. Krentcil was been brought up on charges for putting her daughter in a tanning booth. This would have been no problem as many mothers and daughters participate in spa services together,

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  • Exotissimo Travel

    10 Natural Beauty Tips

    I love getting time at the beauty salons just as much as the next woman, but sometimes I simply don’t have time or money to make an appointment in between haircuts. With a haircut, manicure and facial, I end up spending enough money to last me until my next hair cut. I can’t do much

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  • David Biesack

    Spa Gardens

    Wondering how the experts at your favorite spa and salon provide such a rejuvenating and relaxing experience? With the right expertise and touch, they can employ a variety of plants and herbs from natural/organic spa gardens to soothe your senses. Here’s a rundown of what you might find in one of these useful and fragrant

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  • Daniel Ruswick

    Beautify Yourself

    “The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” – Audrey Hepburn. At Athena Salon and

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  • hair trends

    Spring and Summer 2012 Hair Trends

    With summer 2012 nearing, learn what is in and what is not this year for the aspiring woman who wants to be in the know for that new summer do? The pony tail and bob cuts continue to be popular among women, and the Windsor salon, Athena Salon, Spa & Wellness, can help you achieve

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  • steam spa

    Spa Treatments That Use the Power of Steam

    Many spas in almost every country use the ancient power of sweat by steam followed by exposure to ice-cold water. Using steam is an old tradition, yet becoming a popular fad as a healthy spa treatment. In Finland, the ancient tradition is practically mandatory. Steam baths are considered a healthy tradition and strangely enough as

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  • mothers day

    Mother’s Day Pampering

    One of the most important days in a woman life is the day she brings her child into the world. It is her nature to nourish and protect her children with unconditional love and true devotion. Mother’s look at children as the blessing that they are, and all the little things that she does is

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  • wedding

    Getting Ready for Your Wedding Day with the Help of Spa and Salon Services

    So, your wedding day is coming up, and naturally you want to look and feel your best. After you’ve taken care of the big items on your to-do list like finding the perfect dress, you need to take some time to prepare yourself both physically and mentally for this event. One of the best ways

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  • Kamil Lehmann

    New Year’s Resolutions

    It is that time of year when the gym that was packed for the first few weeks in January is now going back to its quieter pace and those New Year’s resolutions of getting into shape are slowly slipping from our motivation. What often happens is that we put out such a huge goal that

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  • christmas

    Be in the Spirit All Year!

    I love this time of year…after all it is the season of hope and generosity but why does it take a special holiday to “get in the spirit”, to give to our loved ones, to send a letter or note or to donate to great causes? Can you imagine if we lived like it was

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  • Simon & His Camera

    Is Sunscreen Necessary in the Fall/Winter?

    I recently had a conversation with a guest in regards to sunscreen in the fall/winter and they asked me “Is sunscreen really a necessity when it gets cold?” The answer to the question is a resounding YES! Sunscreen is important every day of the year. This is why. Even when it is cold we are

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  • mens hair

    Camouflage Demi: Permanent Hair Color for Men

    Lately I’ve been noticing more and more men coming into the salon for hair color. It is not a trend, it is the future. Men are more comfortable taking care of themselves today than ever before and we say “Hats off to that!” (Literally take those hats off and show off that hair). What is

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  • Beyonce

    Create Beautiful, Straight Hair!

    At Athena Salon, Spa & Wellness we are constantly looking for the best beauty products that are not compromised by toxins and chemicals. Your health is extremely important to us. That is why we are so excited about our new straightening system that is not only formaldehyde and keratin free but also free from other

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  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

    What are the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

    At Athena we try very hard to create an atmosphere of health. One of the ways we do this is by bringing in natural or “eco-friendly” products. What makes natural beauty products different from the traditional? Although varying degrees of “greenness” exist, here are some of the top key benefits you can be assured of.

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  • Dennis Wilkinson

    To B(agel) or not to B(agel)

    Today I heard, “I am so hungry. I just had a big bagel a couple hours ago and I am already hungry”. Do you ever have this happen to you? For some reason, many people believe that a bagel is a healthy breakfast. However unless a bagel is made off 100% whole grain it is

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  • Morgan

    Professional vs. Store Bought Products

    As a stylist I am constantly looking for ways to help my clients understand the importance and the difference between the products we have in the salon and the store bought products. There is absolutely a huge difference between the two. Store bought products are mass produced to accommodate a wide variety of people. Hair

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  • Matt Trostle

    People Ask me all the Time, “Why Do You Love Your Job?”

    I answer with a simple, “Why wouldn’t I love my job?” I have been dedicated to learning skin and making a career in skin. When I decided to go to school, it was a friend that made the suggestion. With schooling came new adventures, new friends and a purpose. I experimented with all types of

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