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  • Sun International South Africa

    Teen Skin

    I was recently asked when would be a good time to start a skin care regimen for a teenage girl. My response was that at any age for a girl or boy. When you start healthy habits at a young age they last a lifetime. It’s always good to be preventative before a problem occurs.

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  • Global Crop Diversity Trust

    Sweet Potato Recipe

    As we age and estrogen levels fall, our skin does not produce collagen as effectively and therefore we lose elasticity in our skin with wrinkles becoming more apparent. 4 things you can eat that will encourage collagen production are blueberries, soy, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are also packed with vitamins and a great

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  • Kelley Bozarth

    Creating a Joyful Journey

    Many of us exist in a tornado of emotions, living with past regrets, worrying about tomorrow, and wishing time away waiting for the next moment to bring us more joy. But, we can quiet this storm, slow down to embrace the moment and experience life to the fullest. The way it was meant to be.

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  • jacsonquerubin

    How Do You Know if a Weight Loss Program is Right for You?

    How do you know what type of a weight loss program is right for you? It is a great question to explore if you are looking to drop a few pounds. All too often we jump on the bandwagon of the new fad diet only to lose a few pounds then gain them right back,

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  • Greg Westfall

    Stay Motivated for Lasting Weight Loss Results

    One of the biggest challenges I see as a wellness coach and fitness professional is keeping my clients motivated. They often start with a great deal of motivation and find that life gets in the way and their focus diminishes which translates into lack of motivation. Here are some tips to help you stay on

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  • Cole Patrick

    Rev Up Your Metabolism

    Are you tired of feeling bloated? Are you tired of wondering why every year it gets harder to keep the weight off? Are you tired of seeing the number on scale increase with every birthday? Are you just plain tired? Well enough is enough. It is time to change all that and rev up your

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