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    The Gentlemen’s Cut: Barbering Services at Athena

    That’s right the gentleman’s haircut is back! Start 2016 with a new look or a treat for the men in your life to the full experience of a professional cut and shave in Fort Collins. What is a Gentlemen’s Cut and Shave? This isn’t a get you in, and then back out as quick as possible. This

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    Welcome to December

    We hope you had a fantastic November and are refreshed and ready for the holiday season. With the hustle and bustle of this exciting time of year we welcome you to come take sanctuary at Athena and let us pamper you to keep you ready and rearing to go. We look forward to seeing you

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  • Fall Nail Trends Fort Collins

    Fall Nail Trends

    Fall is here, the weather is cooler, sweaters and boots are back and that means it’s time to upgrade your nails. Here is a look at our favorite manicure and pedicure trends for Fort Collins. Color, Color, Color Light Pink What’s better to offset the dark tones of fall then a pretty in pink manicure.

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  • Prostate Cancer Awareness

    Welcome to November

    Wow, October came and went in a flash. We had so much fun with wedding parties and Halloween and now look forward to the busy holiday season. Please let us help you find that perfect way to take care of yourself and others this holiday season. It will truly be our honor. Sincerely,    

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  • What’s New at Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness: Eufora Fort Collins

    What’s New at Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness: Eufora

    At Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness we are continually enhancing our education and had a great class with Eufora in September. Our ability to offer you the best in hair and wellness in Fort Collins is dependent on our constant learning of new approaches and techniques. What Sets Eufora Apart Eufora has set the bar

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  • Ways to Make a Pedicure Last Longer Fort Collins

    Ways to Make a Pedicure Last Longer

    Everyone wants to have nice looking feet well into the fall months – if you can get away with wearing sandals, why not, right? But getting a pedicure once a month can also be expensive. That’s why it’s a good idea to try and make your pedicures last as long as possible. There are some

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  • What a Prenatal Massage Can Do For You Fort Collins

    What a Prenatal Massage Can Do For You

    There’s no doubt about it – pregnancy is rough on your body! For nine months (or more), your body will be playing host to another human being. That human being will grow larger, weigh more as the days increase, and put pressure on parts of your body that you never thought about until now –

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  • How to Make a Blowout Last Fort Collins

    How to Make a Blowout Last

    Stepping into a salon to get a professional blowout will do wonders if you are having a bad day or just want to feel glamorous. Blowouts can make anyone look like an instant rockstar, but keeping a blowout looking great for an entire week is a different story. If you love getting blowouts but don’t

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  • Things You Can Do At the Spa During Pregnancy

    Things You Can Do At the Spa During Pregnancy

    Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy, and nothing sounds better than a relaxing day at the spa. But if you read through pregnancy books and websites, you’ll see that you can’t do many of the things that you once might have enjoyed at the spa (like soaking in a hot tub). Is there

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  • The Color Blocked Hair Trend

    The Color Blocked Hair Trend

    A few months ago, hair was all about looking sun-kissed and as natural as possible. But that trend is making way for something a lot more colorful. The latest hair trend that’s popping up this summer (and will likely be around during the fall months too) is color blocking. You’ve probably heard of this term

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  • Cutting Your Hair During Pregnancy: Before or After Baby?

    Cutting Your Hair During Pregnancy: Before or After Baby?

    Every soon-to-be mom will struggle with hair at some point during her pregnancy. There are those moms that have no problem fitting in regularly scheduled hair appointments as the months go on, and those that have a hard enough time putting hair up in a messy bun the length of the pregnancy. After the second

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  • Hair Colors that Will Sculpt Your Face

    Hair Colors that Will Sculpt Your Face

    You’ve probably heard that you can sculpt and contour your face with makeup, but did you know that you can do the same thing with hair color? Some colors will make your face look wider or rounder while others help to slim your face down and add some definition to specific areas. It’s best to

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  • Ways to Make Your Color Last Longer

    Ways to Make Your Color Last Longer

    Sometimes you just can’t make it to the salon for a while. But that doesn’t mean that you have to deal with mile wide roots and lots of grey hairs. There are ways to extend your color as much as possible, so that you can go on looking amazing until you have the time to

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  • The Split Dyed Hair Trend

    The Split Dyed Hair Trend

    There’s a new hair color in town – well, two colors. The trend is to dye your hair two different colors by parting it directly down the middle. If this trend sounds a bit odd to you, it’s probably not one that you would feel comfortable pulling off. But if you like to live on

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    Does Nutrition Really Make a Difference?

    You may have read that nutrition really does make a difference when it comes to the way that your skin looks, but how true is this statement? And what kinds of foods should you eat in order to get an amazing glow and healthy skin? As it turns out, there are plenty of things you

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  • imperfections

    Simple Ways to Minimize Your Pores

    There are more than a handful of products on the market that claim to minimize pores, but do these products actually work? What can you do about pores that are large? Can you make them appear smaller? The truth is that you can reduce the appearance of large pores, but actually shrinking them is a

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    Choosing a Color Streak Color

    Everyone is doing it. Adding a streak of red, pink, blue, or other colors to their hair. So, why can’t you? You can! If you want to mix things up when it comes to your hair hue, pick a streak of color that’s not something you’d normally do. For example, if you always highlight your

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