Blow-dry blowout hair

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro

Blow-dry blowout hair

Blow-dry CC Photo Courtesy of Bradley Griffin

Have you ever noticed that your hair is shiny, soft, and perfect looking when you leave the Windsor day spa? That’s largely because your Windsor day spa experts know exactly how to style your hair, so that it looks amazing – and with the holidays coming up, booking a professional blowout for all of those upcoming parties is really worth it! In between blowouts, though, chances are that you’ll want your hair to look like you just stepped out of the Windsor day spa, right? So, here are some of the best expert tips on how to blow dry your hair like a pro!

  1. Stand back! Have you ever noticed how stylists blow dry hair from a distance? Try and place the hair dryer at least six inches away from your hair, and keep that dryer on low and warm – not high and hot!
  2. Make sure that your hair is freshly washed: you don’t have to shampoo your hair every time you dry it (and we do not recommend this!), but do shampoo before any big event to maximize shine and volume (just like your Windsor spas do!).
  3. Try to get rid of all the excess water first by using a soft cotton T-shirt or other special hair towel. Regular towels are too rough for your hair and can cause some damage, so try not to use a regular towel here, but if that’s what you have it’s okay.
  4. Apply styling products and heat protectant to your tresses before you start to dry your hair.
  5. Start at the roots: the most important part of drying your hair is to make sure to dry the roots first, so start there. Root drying doesn’t have to be perfect, so feel free to make a mess of your hair while drying it for root purposes. Once your roots are dry, you can move onto other parts of your hair.
  6. Section it off: using clips, section your hair into different parts, and continue drying those parts after you have dried your roots. Here’s where you’ll want to start drying your hair into the perfect positions, so beware of making a mess at this point!
  7. Pull hair as tight as you can with a round brush while drying. Keeping your hair pointed towards the font of your face as far in front of you as you can will prevent it from flipping up or curling under.
  8. Use the cool at the end: using the cool button at the end of your drying session will help to keep your style in place.
  9. Add some kind of serum: anti-frizz serums keep those flyaways at bay, so use this lightly after you dry – do not use too much serum, or your hair will look greasy!

Getting Used to It

The professionals at Windsor spas have been drying hair for years, so it might be really hard to get the hang of drying your hair perfectly at first, but you will get used to it. Try practicing on your hair every day before you go to work – but do give your hair a break from the heat if you don’t have anywhere to go on the weekend! The next time you are at one of the many Windsor spas, pay attention to what your stylist is doing and ask questions – you’re sure to learn a lot from a professional stylist!

If you do have a big event coming up, book an appointment with a stylist at Athena today, and we’ll make sure that your hair looks absolutely perfect for your big event! Call today to book – and book quickly, the holiday season tends to be very busy!

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