Braid Trends 101


Braids are making a big comeback this fall, and with good reason! They’re no longer stuffy or your last-resort on the mornings you’re running late. They can be sophisticated, playful, or bohemian, and all the looks are uniquely beautiful. Keep reading for ways to spice up your hairstyle with a few easy braids.

Make sure to practice before sporting the new look.

Though many of these look simple, they take a steady hand. Practicing will also give you the skill of taking the same amount of hair every time. Nothing will make a braid look lopsided faster than uneven strands of hair! Once you’ve practiced these styles, you’ll also have the freedom to experiment with them. Your eye will be more experienced at seeing a style you like and making it work with your facial structure and type of hair. You might even be able to modify a particular style to enhance your features. A stylist at your Fort Collins hair salon can offer suggestions that will look great with your type of hair and facial shape.

Style hair carefully.

Though braids are a good alternative for the mornings that you’re running late, they look better when you give them some time and thought. Feel free to curl or crimp your hair for extra body. Dab in some mousse or dry conditioner to keep the fuzzy strands in place. A little preparation for the braids will elevate them to the professional realm, similar to the styles at your Fort Collins hair salon. With that in mind, let’s jump into some great new braiding styles!

The Headband Braid.

This braid starts just above one ear and moves over the crown to the other ear. The trick is to take only small pieces of hair so that the braid doesn’t get too large. It should be the size of a one-inch ribbon wrapping over the top of your head. As an alternative, part your hair on the side and begin the braid there. You can braid toward the back of your head and let the loose hair fall over the top. This will create a lovely detail in the front while disguising the bobby pins and clasps at the back that keep the braid from unraveling.

The Side Braid Chignon.

This is a sophisticated take on the low chignon in the back of the head. Rather than simply combing the hair back, plait a small braid from the front of the face to the back. Then secure all the hair into the fashionable bun. There’s no need to tie off the braid since the chignon will keep it from unraveling. As an alternative, start a thicker braid farther back on your head. This will keep it from looking too much like a schoolgirl. Continue braiding the strands around to the back of your head, and then pull the hair into a free chignon at the base of your neck. Pull a few strands loose around your face to create a windblown look.

The Loose Braid.

Perfect for updating a style when your hair flows freely. Starting near the top of the head, simply take a small handful of hair and braid down. There’s no need to braid tightly or secure it at the ends. Use this style when you’ll be relatively still (during work for example, not during softball practice!), since the braid will gradually unravel. The look is feminine and effortless without being boring. If you want a little more body, comb the hair up at the roots and curl the ends slightly.

The Fishtail Braid.

Cropping up on the red carpet everywhere, this is one of the most popular hairstyles recently, if not to say the most popular braiding style! It uses four strands of hair for a complex, full-bodied look. Most times, this style is done as a loose, undone style rather than a tight, sleek look. To achieve the undone look that’s popular, curl your hair before beginning, and spritz the hair roots with volumizer. Once the braid is finished, slightly pull apart the strands. If you like a messier look, allow some sections of hair to frame your face rather than pulling them back. This is easiest when your hair is clean and recently blow-dried. If the hair is wet, it will be much more difficult to tease apart the strands. If you choose this style and then get it wet, like if you’re swimming, you can take out the braid and your hair will be wavy.

The Fishtail Updo.

Once you’ve mastered the fishtail, consider creating two of them. Then you can wrap them around your head for a slightly messy, beautiful updo. Just make sure to have plenty of bobby pins and hair spray on hand to keep the braids up. This is a fairly complicated braiding style, so congratulate yourself when you’ve accomplished it!

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