Change Up Your Look by Changing Your Hair Part

If you’re looking to change up your look without doing anything drastic, you may want to consider how you part your hair. While often overlooked, how you part your hair can provide you a different look without a trip to the beauty salon.

Most of the time women will find their natural part and stick to it for years without even really considering if this part is the most flattering look for their face shape. By creating a brand new comb-created part, you may be able to find a new and better way to flatter your face shape and highlight your naturally beautiful features. In addition, the simple act of trying different ways to part your hair can also completely transform your look.

Here are some tips for finding your most flattering part from

Heart-Shaped Face 

Those who have heart-shaped faces are usually wider in the cheeks. The best part to compliment this face shape is a middle part as long as you have long hair. If you have short or ultra-layered hair, a middle part may actually bring the focus to the widest part of the face. Therefore, if you have a heart-shaped face and short or layered hair, go with a side part as this will camouflage a larger forehead and cheek area and made the face appear thinner.

Round Face

Those with round faces may want to try a deep side part to showcase their faces’ strongest side. If you’re not sure which side is your best, use a blank piece of paper to cover half of your face and look in a mirror, then cover up the other side of your face. Whichever side of your face you prefer is your strongest side. Women that sport round faces often benefit from a curtain of hair which helps to lengthen and balance features.

Square Face

For women that have square-shaped faces, a deep side part can often soften the forehead and jaw line. Having long layers of hair that fall diagonally across the face will hide harsh angles. It is recommended to start a deep part above the arch of the eyebrows.

Oval Face

Oval-faced women can pull off an array of parts, so they should feel free to experiment with any or all part-styles including side parts, side angles or even zigzag parts.

If you feel like experimenting with your hair part, make an appointment with Athena Salon and Spa, Northern Colorado’s foremost hair salon. The stylists at Athena will help you determine your face shape and which type of part will look best on your individual face shape.

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