Changing Lives and Bodies: Athena Owner Offers Wellness and Weight Loss E-book on Athena Website

Athena Spa and Salon in Windsor, CO knows that lasting beauty starts with overall wellness and that includes not only feeling healthy mentally and spiritually but physically as well. Weight loss plays a large role in how you feel about yourself overall. Angie Lund, owner of Athena Spa and Salon, understands the correlation between mind and body fitness and as a result wrote an E-book called “Unlock the Secrets to Weight Loss Success” that is available for sale on the Athena website.

You can get connected with Angie’s E-book by clicking on the “Weight Loss Secrets” tab under the “Wellness” tab on the “Service” menu. In her book, Angie describes how to transform the way you think about your health by staying accountable and actively setting goals. It includes proven techniques to individualize an overall wellness system incorporated into a 12 week program designed to jump start your new body and way of life. Changing Lives and Bodies: Athena Owner Offers Wellness and Weight Loss E-book on Athena Website

Angie has been coaching for over 20 years, helping people in meeting an array of different goals. Over the last few years she has been strictly coaching clients trying to lose weight as this area was of particular interest to her. She herself had been searching for the best methods of weight loss and how to keep it off. She discovered something that works for her and will work for you too.

“What I will teach you is that you must understand your power to create the body you desire and be in joy while on your journey to weight loss. Not being in a place of joy will not create the results you desire. Joy is essential!” says Lund.

In her E-book she helps readers understand and work the Law of Attraction as well as the concept of hypnosis weight loss and how to implement these into your weight loss strategies to get the body you desire and achieve overall wellness.

Here is a testimonial from one of Angie’s overjoyed clients.

“I can’t believe how easy it was. Angie’s methods were so effective for helping me turn around my health. I have lost a lot of weight but more importantly, I have gained incredible insight into my own ability to create lasting health. I can’t thank her enough!” – Mary Ann Hareland.

If you’re interested in speaking with Angie or ordering her E-book, check out the Athena website today at and click on the “Services” tab and then on “Wellness”.

Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing

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