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How to Choose Hair Extensions

hair extension sign

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There are many different reasons to get hair extensions. Maybe pieces of your hair have been so badly damaged that you need an extension or two to even things out. Or, maybe you want to have long and lustrous hair for an upcoming event. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the best hair extensions for your head.

Types of Hair Extensions

Human hair: human hair extensions are made from human hair, so you can use styling products on these extensions without concern. You can also take a shower or go swimming with human hair extensions (not the case with synthetic options).

Remy Hair Extensions: the word ‘Remy’ is a popular one these days, but it really just refers to the method of bundling hair that is used in this process. With this process, strand cuticles do not get caught up, which can happen with other extension types, so these extensions are free from tangles.

Seamless Extensions: these extensions are placed directly near your head instead of being near your hairline. The result is a natural look that moves and flows with the direction that your hair moves in naturally. Plus, seamless extensions do not require any heat or tools to attach, so that’s a bonus.

Finding the Right Color 

The most important part of any hair extensions is finding the right ones. It can be really hard to find the exact color that matches your hair, which is why it’s recommended that you visit with a professional hair stylist. An expert stylist can add extensions that look like highlights or lowlights without the need for any chemicals, and these professionals can also determine what shade will match your hair. Even though extension companies make extensions in a number of different shades, it’s really not easy to select the right one.

If you are going to go about this process on your own, look for extensions that are really close to your natural hair color, or just a bit lighter or darker if you want low-lights or highlights. Aside from selecting the right kind of extension and finding the perfect shade, the other thing that you should be aware of is how to care for your extensions properly.

How to Maintain Hair Extensions

As with your normal hair, you have to brush and care for your extensions regularly. Natural hair extensions are highly recommended, since you don’t have to do anything drastically different to care for them. To protect your new hairstyle, keep your hair up at night while you sleep, brush out your hair regularly, and wash and dry your hair as you normally would. It’s really simple to maintain extensions, and they are completely safe to use too.

The other great thing about extensions is that your natural hair can grow while the longer pieces you add to your hair cover up any imperfections. After removing extensions, your hair will feel a bit strange at first, but your stylist should be able to bring it back to life again (it just won’t feel quite as full as it did with those extensions!). If you’re contemplating whether or not to get hair extensions, it’s best to visit your stylist for a complete consultation.

Hair Care

Sometimes it just feels good to do something luxurious to your skin and hair, and few things can make you feel more pampered than some extra locks! You don’t have to be born with bombshell hair in order to have that full mane you’ve always dreamed about. You can simply add some extensions (just a few will do), and transform while you’re sitting in the capable hands of your professional hair stylist.

Whether you’re going out for the night or you just want to refresh your look, hair extensions can work wonders. Take a look at all of our salon services to see what we can do for you. We offer almost every kind of salon service from the right color to the perfect cut. Ask us how we can help you change your look completely or get ready for that big event that you have coming up. We also offer complete bridal packages that you’ll love if you’re getting married soon (check out our day spa)! Call us today or book online.

Do you have hair extension questions? Ask us! We are more than happy to help.

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