Choosing a Color Streak Color


Everyone is doing it. Adding a streak of red, pink, blue, or other colors to their hair. So, why can’t you? You can! If you want to mix things up when it comes to your hair hue, pick a streak of color that’s not something you’d normally do. For example, if you always highlight your hair during the summertime, why not add a streak of pink underneath to really show off those highlights and let your summertime fun side show?

Streaks of colors look great on everyone if you have the confidence to pull it off! But what streak color will look right with your hair? Before you choose the craziest color that you can find, take a look at our color recommendations. Some colors look better than others with the rest of your hair, and this guide will help you pick the right one.

Black Hair

If your hair is naturally black or dyed black, the colors that will look the best include blue, pink, red, yellow, and even purple. Since black hair is like a blank canvas, you have the pick of most colors. Bolder colors will look better though. For example, choose a pink that stands out as opposed to a softer pink that blends in.

Brown Hair

Brown hair is similar to black hair, but you’ll want to choose a warmer color. If you have brown hair, select a pink, purple, or blue that’s on the warm side. You can also simply bleach a section of your hair that will really stand out.

Red Hair

Red hair is trickier, and depending on the shade of red that you currently have, the best color option here is purple or a darker shade of red. You can try adding a blue streak underneath your hair, but avoid lighter colors if your hair is a light shade of red already.

Blonde Hair

This is one of the few shades that does look better with a lighter colored streak. A light pink or blue looks nice with blonde hair, and you can even try the latest silver streak trend. If you can, try out a fake extension underneath your hair before you decide to streak it. This way you can see what color will work in your hair.

The Trick to Streaks

To show the world your edgy side (but to also not overdo it), place one single wide streak underneath your current hair color. For example, placing a blue streak underneath the top of your hair (near your neck) will work best. This way, your streak shows up with you want it to, but can be hidden when you don’t want to display it.

Who Can Wear It?

It used to be that colored streaks were for kids, but runways this past winter and spring have shown the opposite. Adults can absolutely get away with a colored streak if it’s done properly at a salon. This way, the right color will show, and you won’t look like you’re going through a rebellious teenager stage.

If you want a color streak that looks great at any age, come into our hair salon in Fort Collins. When it comes to Fort Collins hair salons, Athena has all the right colors and stylists for any style that you have in mind. We will also recommend the right color streaks for your hair. Ready to get in on this trend? Call us today to book your appointment with one of our color and style experts. Recently got your hair done at Athena? Come and show off your new style on our Facebook page!

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