Cold winter air at the frozen pond.

Combat Dry Winter Air

Cold winter air at the frozen pond.

Cold Air CC Photo Courtesy of David Bailey

Winter is a tough time of year for our bodies. The torture of snow removal strains our muscles, the cold temps make it tough to get motivated, and the cold, dry air wreaks havoc on our health. The drier air makes it easier to pick up a nasty virus or cold, and dries out our throats. It also dries out our skin and hair, and as we age, even our eyes can feel itchy and dry.

If you want to keep from becoming an itchy, flaky mess this winter, check out services offered by spas in Windsor to keep skin and hair moisturized and healthy. In between spa trips, follow these tips to maintain that moisture.


  • Only shampoo your hair every 2-3 days in order to keep as much of your hair’s natural oils in place.
  • Avoid heat tools like flat irons and blow driers as often as possible, giving your hair extra time to air dry before heading out into the cold temps.
  • Did you know the brush you use can make a difference in the winter? Choose a boar-bristle brush instead of plastic, metal, or nylon. It not only reduces static buildup, it smooths the cuticle more effectively with less damage to your hair than other bristles.
  • Keep hair hydrated with products designed to feed your scalp and moisturize the hair shaft. Otherwise you’ll be dealing with frizzy, unmanageable hair, flyaways, and even static electricity.
  • Read the labels on your styling products, opting to use those that are free of alcohol. Look for products with silicone, essential oils, or panthenol instead. These won’t dry out your hair.
  • Condition your hair prior to washing it – use an at home treatment an hour or more prior to getting in the shower. Those with fine hair should treat their hair in this fashion once per week, while those with color-treated and course hair should up it to twice per week to combat the dry hair they’re prone to having. Shampoo the treatment out, and be sure to follow that up with a leave-in conditioner. The next time you are at the salon receiving spa services, ask your aesthetician for recommendations on which treatment is best for your hair.


  • Although the winter is a time we need to combat against germs, you should avoid cleansers with triclosan as much as you can. These are very drying. If you use them frequently because of the nature of your work (medical employee, for example), be sure to have moisturizer at the ready.
  • Choose cleansers that are creamy and mild.
  • Your dry skin screams for a good, rich moisturizer this time of year. Give it what it needs – a rich, oil-based cream that locks the moisture and nutrients into your skin. Apply it after a shower while your skin is still warm and damp for maximum moisturization. If you are skipping the shower (shower every other day if possible), you can heat up your lotion in a bowl of hot water prior to applying it.
  • Moisturize more often – it is recommended during the winter months, you moisturize at least twice per day. Once in the morning, and again at bed. Choose a thick, ultra hydrating moisturizer for nighttime.
  • After applying a thick layer of moisturizer on your hands and feet, put on some socks and gloves in order to increase penetration.
  • Use humidifiers in your home, especially if you have forced hot air heat. Keep one in your bedroom and another in the room you spend the most time in. If you can, install a built-in humidifier into your home’s heating system.

Facials in Windsor can keep your skin looking its best, but you can’t stop there. You have to get into the habit of a great winter skincare routine in order to keep your skin looking amazing (and feeling great!). Should you increase your spa trips during the wintertime? Yes!

But, also make sure that you are going through the aforementioned steps at home – the combination of spa days and a good home routine works the best. Follow these tips in order to combat dry, flaky winter skin, and let us know if you have any special skin care tips for those particular harsh winter days!

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