Consider Getting a Couples Massage

The month of January often means a reinvigoration when it comes to our work and productivity. Whether it’s related to our New Year’s Resolutions or a refreshed feeling of vigor and increased output after the rest of the holiday season, January is often the season of go-go-go!

It’s for this reason that Athena Spa and Salon encourages everyone to remember to invest in a little bit of self care during this time of the year. Taking good care of yourself will not only ensure that you’re running on all cylinders but it also contributes to overall physical, emotional, and spiritual health. One of the best ways to take care of oneself is to invest in a massage or consider getting a couples massage.

So what is a couples massage?

It’s a massage treatment in which two people share in the experience of receiving a restful and relaxing massage in the same room each being worked on by different massage therapists. You can get a couples massage with a spouse, significant other, friends, or family members. The thought of getting a massage with someone else in the room may sound a little peculiar but there are many benefits associated with getting a couples massage.

When it comes to getting massages, a first timer may feel more comfortable if they’re with someone that they know. In addition to the comfort factor, many feel that getting a couples massage is a special shared experience that allows two people to get to know each other even better. The couple may want to catch up and visit during the massage, something that they may not otherwise have time to do or they can also just remain quiet and soak up the comfort and care of their joint massage together. In addition, couples massages are the best massages to inspire passion or rekindle flames.

Athena Spa and Salon offers a number of massage spa packages including luxurious and romantic couples massages to fun ladies night out couples massages. They also offer Swedish, deep-tissue, sports and pre-natal massage packages and massage enhancements such as facials, body scrubs and aromatherapy.

Beat the January rat race and call Athena Spa and Salon today to create the perfect couples massage scenario for you and your partner, and massage your cares and worries away!

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