Cute Braid Styles You Can Try at Home

If Princess Leia’s dual braid buns automatically pop into your head when you hear about trendy braid styles then it’s time to think again when it comes to braids. Braids are actually a simple and chic way to style your hair and there are a wide variety of braids to choose from as well. If a simple braid down your back isn’t the look that you’re going for, then there are many different braid variations to choose from that will make you look like you just left the beauty salon.

Braids are easy to dress up or dress down, or if your hair is driving you particularly crazy, they’re also a great way to pull your off your face and out of your way in a stylish way. According the hair experts at Athena Salon and Spa, the premier Windsor hair salon, once you have the basic braid down, you can use it to play around with a vast array of cute styles.  Here are some modern favorites.

Braid Band

A braid band is a sophisticated braid look that you can easily accomplish if you have medium to long hair. Take a 2 to 3 inch section of your hair right above your ear and begin braiding, but instead of pulling it down as you braid, pull it up.  When you reach the end of your section of hair, secure it was an elastic band. Pull the rest of your hair back as if you were going to put in a head band. Pull the braids over the opposite ear and pin it in place so that it looks like a head band.

Baby Braids

You can spice up boring hair by adding cute baby braids throughout your hair. To achieve this look start by blow drying your hair with a little bit of product like mousse or gel and add some texture with a large barrel curling iron. Take small sections of hair and plait them into tiny braids that are no thicker than ½ inch. Secure the bottom of your baby braids with transparent elastic bands and add more braids sprinkled randomly throughout the rest of your hair, but try to avoid having them too close to the front. This will give your hair a fun, flirty and youthful look.

Fishtail Braid

Divide your hair into two equal sections. Take a small section from the outside of the left section and move it to the inside of the right section.  Then take a piece of hair from the outside of the right section and move it to the inside of the left section. Once you’ve got this down, continue picking sections of hair and crossing them over until you reach the end of your hair and secure it with a hair tie. This will give your hair a sophisticated yet funky look and a definite change of pace from wearing it down or back in a ponytail all the time.

If you’re looking for a fresh look or would like to try some new or different braid styles, call Athena hair salon today and their professional stylists will ensure that you love the way your hair looks, braid or no braid.

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