Cutting Edge Fashion

Do you want to stay current with the latest fashion trends? If so, choosing the very best salon is crucial! Good haircuts don’t come out of random hair salons; they come from stylists in the premier hair salons of the area. Athena Salon Spa and Wellness stands out amid Fort Collins hair salons as the best salon available. If you listen to our stylists, they will not only point you toward current haircuts but will teach you exactly how to style your hair to achieve that fashionable look you desire. Some of the most popular current hairstyles include the asymmetrical cut, the bob, and 1940’s curls. Come to the best of Fort Collins hair salons and talk with an expert stylist about these cuts or styles. One of them might just be the perfect makeover for you!

Red HairThe Asymmetrical Cut

This cut sounds scary to many women, but even the most conservative in style can rock this current fashion trend! This striking style is cut short and stacked in the back, and continues that theme on one side of the head. The other side sports an angle cut of longer hair and bangs. This style is ideal for heavier women who desire a short haircut, but are self conscious about their neck size. It enables them to have the best of both worlds, combining a short style with the neck coverage they feel comfortable with. This haircut delivers an instant makeover on a large scale!

The Classic Bob

Hair salons are receiving fewer requests for the angle bob these days, and more requests for the classic bob. Nothing says fashion like this timeless style! You can dress it up with layers and highlights, or leave it simple, casual and easy to manage. Many women are choosing to wear their bob a bit longer, falling up to a few inches below the chin. This style is a wonderful way to remain updated while growing your hair out, or can stand alone as your style.

1940’s Curls

The 1940’s are back! While these feminine curls have more to do with your styling choices than they do with your haircut, the stylist at the best salon in town can still help you! Come to the front-runner of Fort Collins hair salons, and allow our team to show you the perfect way to style your hair in 1940’s curls. Whether you desire to implement this style daily or for special occasions, our stylists can perform your dream makeover. Cutting edge style has never been so easy!

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