Cutting Your Hair During Pregnancy: Before or After Baby?

Cutting Your Hair During Pregnancy: Before or After Baby?

Cutting Your Hair During Pregnancy: Before or After Baby?

Every soon-to-be mom will struggle with hair at some point during her pregnancy. There are those moms that have no problem fitting in regularly scheduled hair appointments as the months go on, and those that have a hard enough time putting hair up in a messy bun the length of the pregnancy. After the second trimester passes, the effort that you used to put into creating a great hairstyle might be too much work – and the trouble that you’ll have to go through to make your hair look great post-baby may be downright exhausting.

So what can you do? You really have two options. The first is to cut your hair before you give birth to get it out of the way (and short hair may be a lot cooler if you are going through summer months larger than your usual size). The second option is to let your hair grow, and cut your hair after you give birth. Here’s a closer look at both options.

The Pre-Baby Cut

Cutting your hair pre-baby may make a lot of sense. There’s a good chance that you won’t be able to get back to the salon once the baby is born for a month or two. It’s also the perfect excuse to try that new bob cut you’ve been curious about (but just make sure to tell your stylist to cut it in a way that lets it grow back in simply). A short cut might also be a lot cooler and easier to handle when it comes to getting prepared every day (and after baby is born, you won’t have to fuss with it much).

The Post-Baby Cut

If you read all the books and websites, you’ll often read that you won’t have any time to do things like get a pedicure or get your hair cut. But, that might not be entirely true. It’s highly recommended that you take an hour out of each week just for you, so that you can unwind and recharge. What better way to do that than to get a new cut or color? You can feel like a woman again with a pampering trip to the salon, and it’s a great way to get a new look too.

Your Face Shape

Once you figure out whether you want to go post or pre baby, you’ll have to consider your current face shape. Chances are that you gained a bit of weight in your face during your pregnancy (don’t worry, that’s normal!). If this is the case, the cut that once worked with your face shape may no longer look the best. Ask your stylist what kind of cut will make your hair look better, so that you can feel great no matter when you decide to go to the salon.

Different Face Shapes

Different hairstyles look best on the right face shape. What style will look best on you? It’s hard to determine this on your own, but your stylist can help you make that decision. If you explain that you want something that looks great but is low maintenance, your stylist can cut your hair in the perfect way. If you have curly hair, consider telling your stylist to cut it so that your hair curls – this way, you can look like you spent a long time curling your hair even if you didn’t! If you have straight hair, ask for a cut that lets your hair hang neat and trim and without split ends. You’ll quickly see the difference that a great cut makes. Call us today to book!

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